Wisdom Project

WisdomProject logoMany of Gainesville and Hall County’s growing retiree population have much to offer their community, and they want to stay active. But how do you tap into all that talent and wisdom?

Enter The Wisdom Project, a collaboration between Brenau University’s Center for Lifetime Study and the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s Vision 2030 program. The program, launched in 2012, is designed to harness life experience of the over-50 crowd.

Participants tour local government and business operations, talk with local leaders, and get the brain gears turning as the see how things work. The idea is that this behind-the-scenes and front-line exposure to how the community functions will generate ideas for hands-on service projects and continued consultation to make things work better.

“What do you do with the knowledge you spent 50 years accumulating?” Brenau’s Kathy Amos asks rhetorically. “This program gives you an outlet.”

Wisdom graduates become “Wisdom Keepers,” a functional group designed to keep them involved and generating more ideas and activities.

“The goal is to educate and engage,” says Chamber President/CEO Kit Dunlap, WC ’64, who is also a member of the Brenau Board of Trustees. “There are so many people who want to participate in our community beyond careers. We want to showcase both the assets of our community and the talents of the class to get them everybody involved thought the community.”

The program starts only its third class with the fall term at Brenau, but Amos already sees benefits. One graduate volunteers with Brenau’s occupational therapy school; another is helping start a university art galleries docent program.

“It’s scary good what’s coming as people begin plugging themselves in,” she says. “They’re seeing where they can make a difference.”

For more information about the Wisdom Project or to download the application visit: http://www.vision2030.org/the-wisdom-project

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