Pastor Claude D. Porter, EWC ’84

Pastor Claude D. Porter, EWC ’84, was appointed pastor of Visions of Life Baptist Church on April 22.  Visions of Life Baptist Church is located at 831 Woods Drive, Atlanta, GA  30318. Porter has a strong commitment to the church and the community.  He was licensed in 1989 and ordained in 1991 within the Baptist Church and has served as Christian education director, bible school teacher and other positions as was needed by the church. Porter retired from the Atlanta Police Department in 1998 from the position of detective/chaplin, and his greatest accomplishment while an investigator was the investigation of the Julie Love case, which he was able to solve a year later. Porter is a graduate of Atlanta Junior College, class of 1981, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Christian education from Beulah Heights University in 2000. He has been married for 36 years to Cecilia Porter and has one son.

One Response to “Pastor Claude D. Porter, EWC ’84”
  1. Shirley Collins Taylor says:

    Pastor Claude Porter and Mrs. Cecilia Porter, It was good to see you classmate and your beautiful wife at our class luncheon. I am glad you made that suggestion. I pray all is well and that you continue your work for the Lord. I am sorry I did not get to hear you preach last Sunday, but I pray that i will on one of those visits to Atlanta to see my daughter. May the blessings of the Lord keep you and your family and strengthen you for whatever you may endure. God Bless You Classmate!

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