Fall 2013

Exceedingly Rare: Brenau at 135

Brenau Window, Fall 2013 Vol. 7, No. 3

Brenau celebrates its 135th anniversary during the 2013-14 academic year. In addition to the planned special activities that you can read about elsewhere in this magazine – and other yet-to-be-announced events to be publicized on the www.brenau.edu Web site – you will encounter articles throughout this anniversary issue that highlight different parts of the Brenau journey. When an […]

Fall 2013

Brenau Window, Fall 2013 Vol. 7, No. 3

President’s Message Featured Articles Articles Around Campus Sports Alumni Director’s Column In Memory One for the Books Board of Trustees: Peter D. Miller, Chair Philip A. Wilheit Sr., Vice Chair James Anthony Walters, Secretary Carole Ann Carter Daniel, WC ’68, Treasurer Gale Johnson Allen, EWC ’91 Melissa A. Blanchard, A ’88 Raymond H. Burch Roger […]

In Memory: Fall 2013

Eleanor Parrish, WC ’39, of Adel, Ga., died March 5. Sarah Crosby Reeves, WC ’39, of Sanford, N.C., died June 26. Lois Patillo Stephens, WC ’39, of Camrillo, Calif., died Feb. 8. Margaret Pleune Harvin, WC ’40, of Louisville, Ky., died March 3. Meta Sompayrac DuBose, WC ’43, of Winchester, Va., died Oct. 27, 2012. […]

This is a Year to Celebrate!

When I look back at the rich history of an institution like Brenau, I think of many things. Beautiful buildings, shiny statues and art-adorned walls make up part of the physical history of Brenau. Top honors, national recognitions and annual accreditations shape the academic history of the university. But above all, I see the faces […]

The Ghostess With the Mostest

If Agnes does not exist, we probably would have invented her. Brenau’s legendary campus ghost makes too attractive of a scapegoat for the creaks and groans in the eaves of Brenau’s old, atmospheric buildings, and among the many exceptional women who have disturbed the peace here, she inspires the most curiosity. For decades students have […]

Wisdom Project

Many of Gainesville and Hall County’s growing retiree population have much to offer their community, and they want to stay active. But how do you tap into all that talent and wisdom? Enter The Wisdom Project, a collaboration between Brenau University’s Center for Lifetime Study and the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s Vision 2030 program. […]

Conversation: Lea Mason, WC ’14

Lea Mason

Hometown: Decatur, Ga.
 Major: Biology
 2013-14 Baxter-Bryan 
Scholar SGA President Q: How did you become interested in biology 
and medicine? A: I have wanted to be a pediatrician since I was a little girl. I have always loved kids, so I knew I wanted to do something around them. My first real hospital experience was […]

Let’s Dance! And Sing. And Act.

Sometime those who can, teach. In the case of Heather Johnson Wayne, WC ’98, one of those who can teach also built a thriving business enterprise Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts Dance Academy in Hoschton, Ga. After moving from a storefront shopping center to a bustling, stand-alone collection of studios, theater and rehearsal space, the 10-year-old […]

BULLI for you

Bill Early teaching the BULLI Fiction Fraught with Fact class in the Jacobs Building on Brenau University's Gainesville campus.

Robin Terrell had just retired in 2007 when a friend of his wife, Tricia, recommended that he attend classes through Brenau University’s BULLI program. Although skeptical, Terrell gave it a try. Not only was he hooked, but also he reeled in his wife. They both take classes each semester. Shorthand for Brenau University Learning and […]

Miss Winfield: Woman of the Watch

That day in September 1928, a voice echoed through the open atrium that existed in Yonah Hall on Brenau’s Gainesville campus. “Girls, there must be no more of this hanging over the railing of the balcony to watch the dates in Rec Hall.” That was Miss Ella De Tong Winfield, who was not scolding but […]