In Memory: Spring 2017

Harriet Owens McIntosh, WC ’43, of Lakeland, Florida, died Dec. 27.

Betty Lewis McCartney, WC ’44, of Asheville, North Carolina, died Jan. 10.

Margaret Neal VandeNoord, WC ’45, of Dawsonville, Georgia, died Feb. 1.

Shirley Bethard Hegenwald, WC ’47, of Shreveport, Louisiana, died Jan. 11.

Mary Nobles Wheeler, WC ’48, of Rockford, Illinois, died Nov. 4.

Barbara “Bobbie” Smith Keeler, WC ’50, of Essexville, Michigan, died Dec. 19.

Helen Baxley Swope, WC ’50, of Tucker, Georgia, died Dec. 16.

Beverly Wallace, A ’50, of Abilene, Texas, died Dec. 26.

Iris Pond Ash, WC ’52, of Springfield, Missouri, died Jan. 11.

Margaret Parker Sloan, WC ’52, of Marietta, Georgia, died Feb. 19.

Mollie Dunnam Lamkin Heide, WC ’63, of Ringoes, New Jersey, died on Jan. 24.

Sister Clara Ann Slaughter Nichols-Jones, WC ’63, of Johns Island, South Carolina, died Sept. 1.

Sylvia Whidden Bohde, WC ’66, of Bartow, Florida, died Dec. 10.

James Nix, BU ’86, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Nov. 12.

Lt. Col. Earnest Green, BU ’91, of Hinesville, Georgia, died Nov. 20.

Hope Hill, BU ’95, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, died Jan. 23.

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