In Memory

In Memory: Spring 2017

Harriet Owens McIntosh, WC ’43, of Lakeland, Florida, died Dec. 27. Betty Lewis McCartney, WC ’44, of Asheville, North Carolina, died Jan. 10. Margaret Neal VandeNoord, WC ’45, of Dawsonville, Georgia, died Feb. 1. Shirley Bethard Hegenwald, WC ’47, of Shreveport, Louisiana, died Jan. 11. Mary Nobles Wheeler, WC ’48, of Rockford, Illinois, died Nov. […]

In Memory: Winter 2017

Richard Murphy, BU ’91, of Augusta, Georgia, died July 15. Frances Turpen Ellington, A ’35, WC ’39, of Jefferson, Georgia, died July 14. Caroline Smith Lanier Longest, WC ’35, of Raleigh, North Carolina, died Aug. 16. Helen Akins Atkinson, WC ’36, of Tallahassee, Florida, died Aug. 26. Louise Fraser Cook, A ’38, of Gainesville, Georgia, […]

In Memory: Summer 2016

Margaret Smith Sudderth, WC ’35, of Atlanta, Georgia, died April 24. Lucille Jenness Busenlener, WC ’37, of Metairie, Louisiana, died March 6. Esther “Sherry” Sherrod Sandlin, WC ’40, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, died March 7. Truscilla Drane Reynolds, WC ’41, of Miami, Florida, died Feb. 8. Anne Upchurch Gribble, WC ’43, of Lakeway, Texas, died [...]

In Memory: Winter 2016

Fay Reinking, WC ’31, of Houston, Texas, died Oct. 15. Leleah Mosley Henderson, WC ’39, of Atlanta, Georgia, died Nov. 22. Anne Allen Davis, WC ’44, of Orlando, Florida, died May 30. Modree Grogan Bowers, WC ’45, of Alpharetta, Georgia, died June 9, 2015. Barbara Stockton Perry, WC ’47, of Kinston, North Carolina, died Jan. 1. Janet Hull Baxley, WC […]

In Memory: Fall 2015

Grace Braselton Cook, A ’19, of Atlanta, died April 28, 2000. Marthanel Miller Sandlin, A ’34, WC ’38, of Houston, Texas, died Jan. 25. Frances Kelley Brannen, WC ’39, of Macon, Georgia, died March 16. Matha Tallant Tribble, WC ’39, of Cumming, Georgia, died Nov. 12, 2014. Mary Katherine Davenport McIntyre, WC ’40, of Holland, Michigan, died April 2. Jane [...]

In Memory: Summer 2015

Dr. Althea Lennox Tessier, WC ’38, of Rockville, Maryland, died February 23, 2014. Mildred Boone Brooker, WC ’39, of Atlanta, died April 21, 2014. Merryl McConnell McCalman, WC ’41, of Austell, Georgia, died June 12, 2014. Virginia Hook McCracken, WC ’41, of Hopkins, South Carolina, died May 22, 2014. Mary Pat Sessions West, WC ‘41, of […]

Exit Strategy: Wayne Wright Dempsey Sr., 1948-2014

Wayne Dempsey

For almost 66 years Wayne Dempsey provided a practical illustration of how to live well. In the last three of those years, he taught us how to die well, too.  The remarkable life ended May 2, 2014, where it began, in the northwest Georgia community at the confluence of three rivers surrounded by seven hills […]

In Memory: Summer 2014

Lillian Ashford Hudgins, WC ’36, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Nov. 28, 2013. Iska Taylor Duke, WC ’37, of Memphis, Tennessee, died April 2, 2013. Dorothy Hosea Pearce, WC ’41, of Stanwood, Washington, died Aug. 5, 2013. Pauline Ross Graham, WC ’42, of Noblesville, Indiana, died Aug. 25, 2013. Gladys McCain Baker, WC ’44, of Savannah, […]

In Memory: Fall 2013

Eleanor Parrish, WC ’39, of Adel, Ga., died March 5. Sarah Crosby Reeves, WC ’39, of Sanford, N.C., died June 26. Lois Patillo Stephens, WC ’39, of Camrillo, Calif., died Feb. 8. Margaret Pleune Harvin, WC ’40, of Louisville, Ky., died March 3. Meta Sompayrac DuBose, WC ’43, of Winchester, Va., died Oct. 27, 2012. […]

In Memory: Spring/Summer 2013

Margaret Swetnam Weldon, WC ’36, of Griffin, Ga., died Oct. 24. Martha Thigpen Lincoln, WC ’38, of Tallahassee, Fla., died June 17, 2012. Gladys Evans McCartney, WC ’39, of Flemingsburg, Ky., died on Jan. 28, 2012. Elizabeth Hatcher Ulery, WC ’40, of Atlanta died Oct. 5. Mary Pearl Thompson Marsh, WC ’41, of High Point, […]

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