One for the Books

Twinkle in the Eyes

In 1936 the Gainesville Rotary Club asked local artist and Mark Trail comic strip illustrator Ed Dodd to do some pen and ink drawings of its members. Dodd complied, adding limericks. On the caricature of Hugh Hosch (pronounced like “shush”), owner of a textile mill that made denim clothing, he wrote: “Hugh Hosch had plenty […]

Pop Star

There is an age-old debate among aficionados of the iconic beverage as to whether Coca-Cola’s purest taste comes from a bottle, a can or, properly mixed, straight from the soda fountain. But, for those of us at Brenau, the vote should unanimously go to the bottle. Hands down. We can give you at least 3.4 […]

Grand Plan

Detail of Brenau's new Steinway

A year ago on these pages we announced Brenau’s grand plan to raise $1.5 million to replace worn-out, unserviceable pianos on campus. Today we can say that the fundraising continues, but that the first piano, Number 481, a handmade Steinway & Son’s Model D Concert Grand, arrived on campus Dec. 4 and now resides in Pearce Auditorium. President Ed Schrader announced the instrument’s imminent arrival at a surprise ceremony during the fall trustees’ dinner when he revealed that it would be named for former Executive Vice President Wayne Dempsey, who retired at the end of 2012.

Works for me!

Through the trees outside June Moore-Richards’ home in Los Gatos, Calif., you catch a glimpse of the snow-dusted mountains marking the southern perimeter of Silicon Valley at the base of the San Francisco peninsula. Although she misses her husband, Charles, who died in 2008 and with whom she had shared the home since their marriage […]