Winter 2016

Captain Courageous

Brenau Strong: Diversity. Yao Yao Zhu took an unusual path for a rising U.S. military medical officer. It went through Brenau, but it started in China.

Yao Yao Zhu took an unusual path for a rising U.S. military medical officer. It went through Brenau, but it started in China. Unless they’re trained a combat specialist and assigned to units whose main job it is to engage the enemy, military medical personnel, particularly those involved in long-term rehabilitative health disciplines, in the […]

China Influence Shapes Women’s College, Builds Loyal Global Alumni Base

From left, Jing Chen with fellow alumna Jennifer Lewis, WC ’02, at an alumni gathering in New York; Autumn Zhao with the Abbot of the Buddhist temple she is helping to build near her hometown in China; and U.S. Army Capt. Yao Yao Zhu in Norcross, Georgia, trying to recruit future occupational therapists to military service

When Jing Chen, BU ’99, left her Beijing home 21 years ago for the journey of more than 7,000 miles to start a new chapter in her life, she had no guarantees about the future. The narrative of her story put Chen in 1995 at Brenau University. Three and a half years later she graduated with a degree in business […]

Student Profile: Mary Katherine Jabbia

Mary Katherine Jabbia

MK Jabbia, Senior from Slidell, Louisiana Strength and Discipline: Started swimming at age 6 and has not stopped; trains year-round; four years as varsity swimmer in breaststroke and relays and major contributor to No. 2-ranked Golden Tigers’ contention for national championships; six-time All-America honoree in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Mind: Biology major with plans to attend pharmacy school in Savannah or New Orleans; […]

Night Traveler

When U.S. relations with People’s Republic of China began the slow thaw in the late 1970s, only a handful of Chinese students – mostly older graduate students and researchers – studied in American colleges and universities. In the mid-1990s, Chinese students discovered Brenau. Jing Chen believes she was the first.  By Judy Cartwright When Jing […]

Body of Work

Fitness Center Director and Softball Coach Gary Hatfield

A legendary football coach once said that success follows speed. Brenau’s intercollegiate athletes have discovered that good old-fashioned muscle also plays into that equation. At the gym, Lammy Sokunbi, batting spiky eyelash extensions and wearing a flashy headband that restrains an elaborate coil of hair, looks primped just right for her major – fashion design […]

No Exceptions

Brenau Trustee Patty Wolfe, a retired two-star admiral in the U.S. Navy, has a thing or two to say about the recent Pentagon edict that all combat jobs in the military will be open to women. Mainly, she wonders what took so long. By David Morrison Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Patricia E. Wolfe, who […]

Early Adopters

Margaret May Franklin House

One interesting aspect of higher education philanthropy lore is that married couples historically tended to give more to the husband’s alma mater than the wife’s. It has been said that the couple may donate a set of encyclopedias in the wife’s honor to the library at the school she attended, then donate millions of dollars to build the library at […]

In Memory: Winter 2016

Fay Reinking, WC ’31, of Houston, Texas, died Oct. 15. Leleah Mosley Henderson, WC ’39, of Atlanta, Georgia, died Nov. 22. Anne Allen Davis, WC ’44, of Orlando, Florida, died May 30. Modree Grogan Bowers, WC ’45, of Alpharetta, Georgia, died June 9, 2015. Barbara Stockton Perry, WC ’47, of Kinston, North Carolina, died Jan. 1. Janet Hull Baxley, WC […]

Strength through Adversity

An Evening with Georgia Author of the Year Carolyn Curry, Feb. 23, 2016 By Alison Reeger Cook By basic arithmetic, Gertrude Clanton Thomas, the daughter of a wealthy, aristocratic antebellum Georgia plantation baron, would have been about the same age as the quintessential Southern belle, Scarlett O’Hara, the fictional daughter of a wealthy, aristocratic antebellum Georgia plantation baron. Indeed, Margaret […]

Autumn Zhao Builds for the Future by Discovering the Past

Autumn Zhao with the Abbot of the Buddhist temple she is helping to build near her hometown in China.

With her Brenau degrees, Autumn Zhao returned to China to help build a new Buddhist temple as the government relaxes restrictions on religious practices.

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