The Brenau woman sculpture near Pearce Auditorium

Planning with purpose

Planning ahead is vital for the success of any business or organization, but what makes that roadmap to the future strategic?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “strategic,” is an adjective that means “relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.” “Plan” is a noun defined as “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.”

Achievement is a common theme in both words and permeates Brenau University’s strategic plan. The university seeks to build upon the successes of the institution and its students, faculty, staff and alumni to pursue even higher levels of achievement.

After 18 months of work that took place entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic and involved all sectors of the university, Brenau this spring launched a strategic plan that will guide the institution through this decade.

The six goals and the strategies to achieve them are included below. Its brevity may make it seem like a simple plan upon first glance, but the university’s goals are complex ideas that will take until 2030 to achieve. 

While hundreds were involved in creating the plan, even broader involvement will be required to do the hard work of bringing these goals into fruition.

Every member of Brenau’s faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees will be involved, but also alumni, students, donors and friends, and members and leaders of the community. Brenau University’s long-term goals are transformative for students, the institution and the community – and everyone has a part in making that happen.

GOAL 1: Cultivate an unwavering commitment to student success
-Create, expand and promote proven methods of student success
-Prioritize holistic wellness as an important aspect of student success
-Ensure vibrant student life for all student segments across 12 months

GOAL 2: Manage growth to ensure a thriving future
-Expand academic programs at all levels that are mission-consistent, viable, and market-driven
-Commit to growth in The Women’s College, online programs, and the traditional undergraduate college
-Improve access and affordability
-Develop new revenue streams
-Maintain a stable financial base that sustains and supports institutional initiatives

GOAL 3: Foster a culture of inclusion and belonging throughout the university community
-Provide meaningful intercultural experiences for all members of the Brenau community
-Commit to understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse student population in a changing world
-Develop and enhance our commitment to serving students across the globe
-Nurture an ethos of belonging for all in the Brenau community

GOAL 4: Communicate our excellence
-Develop a cohesive, authentic, and compelling university identity to inform all internal and external constituencies
-Focus and create synergy among various avenues and methods of university communication to both internal and external audiences.
-Create methods to identify and celebrate excellence throughout the university
-Nurture opportunities leading to external recognition at the regional and strategic national level

GOAL 5: Promote positive experiences across the university with with inspirational living and learning environments
-Re-conceptualize living and learning spaces to attract and retain students
-Become a national leader in innovative and engaging teaching and learning

GOAL 6: Elevate external engagement and visibility
-Be recognized as Gainesville’s premier university by expanding and promoting the depth and breadth of Brenau’s value
-Become the go-to knowledge resource in Gainesville and beyond by promoting the intellectual capital and expertise of the Brenau University Community.
-Expand the case for philanthropic support for Brenau
-Promote Brenau among influential individuals

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