SGA Mission: Reconnecting with Tradition

Alumni, faculty and other long-term members of the Brenau family recently have raised an alarm that there is a growing disconnect between the current crop of Women’s College students and the many of the traditions that have helped the institution retain its unique character over the past 135 years. However, the 2012-13 executive board of the Student Government Association decided to tackle the problem head on by opening discussions through the family to change the way traditions are presented to modern-day students who may not appreciate their long-term value.

For the iPhone generation, things like the Spade Hunt may seem a bit anachronistic in the era of GPS-based geocaching. But others, like the whole “May Day” enterprise, have withstood both changing times and changing demographics of the student body

“I love Brenau, and it just makes me sad to see that younger students aren’t having the same experience I had when I first came to school here,” SGA President Eleanor Kahn explains. “Hopefully, we can do something as an organization to help close the gap. I mean, realistically, one of the reasons students come to Brenau is because of the traditions.”

Kahn conceded that some traditions may need a little tweaking, but that means newer generations of students have to come on board to carry forward the revamped and revitalized activities. She encouraged alums to get involved with newer students to keep the traditions conversation on everybody’s agendas.

“This is a new generation that communicates differently,” says Charmaine Gilmore, WC ’10, who is now director of Brenau’s student life and leadership. “We have to change with them.”

Historical Image of woman in Brenau colorsImage from Ratt Week at BrenauImage from a May Day celebration at Brenau.

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