Brenau’s First Doctorates: Five for the Record Books

The women rose as a group, holding hands like finalists in some sort of pageant. In a sense, they were. You could see the excitement bubbling behind their faces as Provost Nancy Krippel in full academic regalia smiled broadly and began the ritualistic intonation: “President Schrader, I present to you the candidates for the Doctor […]

Dr. Maureen Vidrine: Teaching Clinician

Maureen Frances Vidrine of Monroe, Georgia,

Brenau’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program has changed Maureen Vidrine’s approach to nursing for good. The program’s focus on evidence-based practice made Vidrine, she insisted, more focused on applying the latest nursing research to clinical challenges she encounters among her patients. “The skills and habits we learned were not just for getting a good grade […]

Dr. LaChaka Coffee: New Directions in Health Care

LaChaka S. Coffee of Atlanta, Georgia,

LaChaka Coffee, WC ’00, BU ’08, had a decade of experience as a nurse at Grady Health System in Atlanta. However, when long-discussed health care reforms started to become reality, she thought she needed to prepare for the future of health care, which she deduced would look vastly different from the one she entered as […]

Angela Simmons-Butler: Thought for Food

Angela Ann Simmons-Butler, WC '95, BU '02, of Clarksville, Georgia,

There was not any one thing that drove Angela Simmons-Butler, WC ’95, BU ’02, to choose a career in nursing. She just always knew she was going to be a nurse. “You’re born to be a nurse. You know from day one,” the Clarksville, Georgia, resident said. “It’s always in your heart.” Brenau has always been […]

Ann Marie Peck: Educational Intervention

Ann Marie Peck, WC '97, BU '01, of Gainesville, Georgia,

After Ann Marie Peck, WC ’97, BU ’01, lost her mother and her grandmother to heart disease, helping others fight the disease became a special mission for her. The mission became even more important when she realized how many of the women she treated as a nurse were in the dark about heart disease. “I […]

Shelia Campbell: Nurse Retention

Shelia T. Campbell of Ellenwood Georgia.

Shelia Campbell from Ellenwood, Georgia, became a nurse because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She has been doing that for many years for her patients in clinics and long-term care facilities. Now with her DNP degree from Brenau, she is focused on finding ways to make a difference for other nurses, […]