In Memory: Summer 2020

Jean Crenshaw Cory, WC ’44, of Portland, Oregon, died Sept. 6.
Laura Kathryn “Kitty” Arnold Herzog, WC ‘44, of Naples, Florida, died March 9.
Jean Rowell Burrage, WC ’45, of Damariscotta, Maine, died Nov. 30.
Virginia “Ginna” Crozier Jones, WC ’45, of Columbia, Tennessee, died Aug. 1.
Lucy Arnall Colvin, WC ‘46, of Newnan, Georgia, died July 5.
Mildred Tolbert King, WC ’47, of Brookhaven, GA, died Sept. 4.
Betty Ledbetter Thompson, WC ’49, of West Palm Beach, Florida, died Dec. 25.
Florie “Jean” Robinson Abrams, WC ’51, of Columbia, South Carolina, died Nov. 18.
Evelyn “Paula” Burnett, WC ’51, of Montgomery, Alabama, died Sept. 4.
Christine Coleman Dale, WC ‘51, of Brandon, Mississippi, died April 20.
Margaret “Peggy” Short McCreight, WC ’51, of Sumter, South Carolina, died Dec. 9.
Sallie Wyman Berry, WC ’52, of Wimberley, Texas, died Dec. 31.
Marion Robbins Bloomer, WC ‘53, of Knoxville, Tennessee, died Feb. 12.
Clara “Pam” Braselton Jackson, WC ’53, of Braselton, Georgia, died Jan. 9.
Betty Stockton Kizer, WC ‘53, of Alpharetta, Georgia, died March 23.
Magda Westh Bowman, WC ’54, of Freeport, Florida, died Sept. 14.
Martha Mangold, WC ‘57, of Atlanta, Georgia, died April 17.
Margaret “Jeanie” Mayson, WC ’60, of North Augusta, South Carolina, died Dec. 24.
Carol Monahan Tooke, WC ‘60, of Decatur, Georgia, died Feb. 10.
Jean Mayes Cornett, WC ‘62, of Gainesville, Georgia, died June 1.
Mary Rentz, WC ‘62, of Leesburg, Georgia, died Feb. 19.
Linda Marsh Lawless, WC ’65, of Jacksonville, Florida, died Sept. 2.
Jean Clark Tucker, WC ‘66, of Dahlonega, Georgia, died May 12.
Caroline Doby Garrett, WC ‘68, of Buford, Georgia, died May 23.
Deborah Williams Brandon, WC ’71, of Americus, Georgia, died April 10.
Elizabeth “Betsy” Brock, WC ’71, of Johnson City, Tennessee, died July 31.
Linda Wilson Edmonds Jones, WC ‘71, BU ‘97, of Gainesville, Georgia, died June 3.
Geneva Harben, WC ’72, of Gainesville, Georgia, died July 28.
Marilyn Gale Venson Moore, WC ’72, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Nov. 2.
Martha Hardy Lott, A ’74, of Falls Church, Virginia, died Sept. 10.
Sue Thomason Maloof, WC ‘79, of Buford, Georgia, died Feb. 7.
Lydia Holbrook Williams, WC ’78, of Columbia, South Carolina, died Sept. 4.
Terrie Allen Willis, WC ‘78, of Marietta, Georgia, died March 15.
Dale Thomas “Tom” Brown, BU ‘79, of Trenton, Georgia, died March 1.
Lindsay Wilson Wall, WC ‘82, of Atlanta, Georgia, died April 30.
Brenda Irvin Vandiver, BU ’85, of Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia, died
Janet Lisa Wilson, BU ’85, of Lavonia, Georgia, died Nov. 8.
Charles “Spanky” Erwin Hayes, BU ’88, of Dalton, Georgia, died Jan. 3.
David Reeves, BU ‘91, of Augusta, Georgia, died July 1.
Shirley Senn, BU ’01, of Bluffton, South Carolina, died Nov. 11.
Megan Sharp, A ‘07, of Lexington, Kentucky, died July 18.
Irving Fisk, BULLI student, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 18.
Dr. Louise Bauck, former professor, of Vancouver, British Columbia, died July 15.
Juanita Blocker, former professor, of Atlanta, Georgia, died July 15.
Margaret Rosetta Greenlee, founder of Brenau Childhood Development Center, of Gainesville, Georgia, died August 17.
Evelyn Christine (Chrissie) Waugh, former director of the Hall School of Nursing, of Clarkesville, Georgia, died July 25.
Dr. William George Titshaw, former professor, of Westminster, South Carolina, died July 3.
Polly Cabe Roberts, former professor, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, died May 3.

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