From Alumni Corner

Executive Director of Alumni & EventsIt’s no surprise that we live in a connected world. Each day that passes brings innovative and creative ways to connect with acquaintances across the globe. With the many ways in which to communicate so readily available, what’s stopping you from making connections with fellow Brenau alumni?

I’ve found that alumni want to connect with each other, but may not know where to start. That’s why the Office of Alumni Relations hosts regional events across the country. At a regional event, alumni who share the common bond of basic geography came together to discover they share much more. In addition to a love for Brenau and a deep respect for their liberal arts education, these men and women also find that they share mutual friendships, business connections, professional interests, personal hobbies, and hopes for their community.

There are many simple ways to connect with Brenau from afar. Our office is happy to provide assistance in organizing an alumni event in your area. Consider one of these ideas:

  • Brenau Business Builders Luncheon
  • Brenau for Breakfast Gathering
  • Golden Tigers Taste-of-the-Town Dinner
  • Memories of My Brenau Party
  • Brenau Better World (Community Service Day)

My charge to each of you as Brenau alumni is to start making connections! If you are near one of the alumni events below, please join us. If nothing is scheduled near you, call us and let’s make a plan for the future.


Continually connecting,

Jenny Dell
Director of Alumni Relations
Brenau University   


PS: Stop by and visit us at any time at “Alumni Corner” in Gainesville, 305 Boulevard at the intersection of Boulevard and Academy streets.

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