In Memory: Fall 2012

Dorothy Aston Bell, WC, ’25, of Oakmont, Calif., died June 5, 2010.

Freda Ritz Donovan, A ‘32, of Racine, Wisc., died on May 22.

Margaret Brugh Roggow, WC ’34, of Sequim, Wash., died on July 11 (see classnote).

Lois Boone Nitzman, WC ’36 of Warren, R.I., died on April 8.

Ada Jennings Price, WC ’39, of Sykesville, Md., died on Nov. 15.

Mary Virginia Howell Pelham, WC ’40, of Graceville, Fla. died on May 7.

Margaret Ayers Brown, WC ‘41, of Westminster, S.C., died May 7, 2011.

Virginia Hamilton Griffin, WC ‘42, of Charlotte, N.C., died on Jan 14.

Nina Carter Wilson, WC ’43 of Hartwell, Ga., died July 5.

Betty Mathis Beck, WC ‘45, of Valdosta, Ga., died on Jan. 18.

Malissa Norton Tubbs, WC ’45 of Gainesville, Ga., died June 26.

Jean Mohead Dunlap, WC ‘46, of Macon, Ga., died on Dec. 25.

Kathryn Wofford Ash, WC ’47, of Cleveland, Ga., died on Nov. 15.

Lillian Jacobs Estes, WC ’47, of Gainesville, Ga., died on April 11.

Mildred “Mib” Houck Medford, WC ’47, of Waynesville, N.C., died on May 10.

Grace-Marie Blades Elliott, WC ’49, of Emerald Isle, N.C., died on May 5.

Iola L. Lawson, WC ’49, of Hampton, Va., died on Mar. 19, 2011.

Elizabeth Hudson Powell, WC ’49, of Collierville, Tenn., died on Aug. 31.

Betty King Landrum, WC ’51, of Griffin, Ga., died on Dec. 23.

Marcia J. Hubbard, WC ’52, of Atlanta, died on May 4.

Betsy Bishop Flynn, WC ’54, of Greensboro, N.C., died on Feb. 5.

Katherine “Kay” Parker Green, WC ’68, of Brunswick, Ga., died on March 12.

Gwendolyn Golden Miller, WC ’68, of Jacksons Gap, Ala., died on April 4.

Noemie G. Merrick, A ‘70, of New Orleans, died on July 24, 2009.

Barbara Ondek Zawoysky, WC ’70, of Clifton Park, N.Y., died on Nov. 22.

Claudus David Birdsong, EWC ’87, of Appling, Ga., died on Oct. 1.

Lisbeth McCants Rhine, WC ’91, of Atlanta, died on May 23.

Angela Percy Weathers, A ’94, of Birmingham, Ala., died on March 3.

Bethany D. Wey, EWC ’00, of Snellville, Ga., died on Dec. 16, 2010.

Laura June Sanders-Neidlinger, WC ’07, of Norcross, Ga., died on March 17.

Claude Vlasz, BULLI, of Gainesville, Ga., died on Dec 21.

David A. Rankin, BULLI, of Gainesville, Ga., died on Aug. 13, 2011

Bob Foy, BULLI, of Gainesville, Ga., died on Feb. 23, 2011.

Edgar Brown “Ed” Dunlap, BULLI, of Gainesville, Ga., died on Jan 6.

W. Woodrow “Woody” Stewart, BULLI, of Gainesville, Ga., died on Jan 9.

Joanne Taber Young, BULLI, of Clermont, Ga., died on Dec. 28.

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