GOLD Program ‘O’ Year

The Women’s College of Brenau University has crafted its signature program to ensure that students get the most out of their Brenau experience while reinforcing its prominence in the education and development of outstanding women.

The GOLD Program was created to offer students of The Women’s College the skills and education needed to become visionary leaders in their future careers. Each year of the program emphasizes carefully chosen themes, a dynamic GOLD Speaker Series, professional development opportunities, and mentoring and advising from a personalized GOLD Team to prepare women to become meaningful voices and members of their community.

The interdisciplinary program also features W courses highlighting the experience and expertise of women. W courses such as women in U.S. history, women in law and self-defense help bring focus to the challenges faced by women while inspiring action to strive for equity.

Currently in the “O” year, the GOLD Program focuses on Ownership of personal and civic responsibility and challenges students to participate in the democratic process. This follows the first “G” year dedicated to gender awareness, and the ensuing “L” and “D” years will focus on leadership and diversity. The Women’s College students are following this year’s theme of “Own Your Voice, Create Your Community.”

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