Fall 2015

Richard Bristow, BU ’84

Richard Bristow, BU ’84, booked a national radio commercial for Tecate beer after launching his voice-over website, www.bristowvo.com. His most recent gigs have been a holiday spot for the Texas Lottery and a “boss” in an audio game (video game for the blind) for Blastbay Studios in Sweden. Many of Bristow’s theater students at Berry College also played characters or bosses in the game titled […]

Lee Anne Romberg White, WC ’82

Lee Anne Romberg White, WC ’82, a 1978 Alpha Chi Omega initiate and former university trustee from Cumming, Georgia, was named one of the national AXO organization’s inaugural winners of the “Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction Award.” According to the organization’s website, the awards highlight AXOs from around the world who are on the road to achieving their dreams and who were inspired by their […]

Susan Ables Irick, WC ’81

Susan Ables Irick, WC ’81, was named a Sepsis Hero for her dedication to sepsis awareness. She was recognized at the Sepsis Heroes Gala in New York City, hosted by the Sepsis Alliance, in September. The annual event, now in its fourth year, is the centerpiece of Sepsis Awareness Month. It brings together survivors, family […]

Nursing the Future

Nursing the Future Header Image

Brenau University uses technology not only to teach future nurses skills and procedures but also as tools for helping them learn how to interact with other human beings – especially their patients. By James Swift Mark Maverick suffers intense chest pains and shortness of breath. The 67-year-old veteran’s toenails and fingernails turn blue. Medical personnel surround […]

Let’s Do The Numbers

John Cleveland spends his days examining troves of data, which he applies to his studied economic principles to make decisions managing his family investments. He knows from firsthand experience that investments in a community and a university pay big dividends. By David Morrison A few days before the Federal Reserve Bank would make its long-awaited […]

Off the Charts

Off the Charts

The days of a clipboard hanging on the foot of a hospital bed holding a stack of papers are long gone. Building on the verity that information is power, Brenau now actively pursues broader professional skills, like those of nursing professor and health informaticist Sandra Allen, to teach Brenau students how to harness health information […]

More Than Halfway Home

More than Halfway Home Header Image

As one of Brenau University’s chief fundraising officers, I have been asked on many occasions why a person should provide a gift to Brenau and not to another university or organization – especially to larger institutions. The answer is simple: a million-dollar gift to a school that has an endowment valued in the hundreds of […]

The Future is not What it Used to Be

Ed Schrader

When I look back at old newspaper clippings that quoted me, some things bring smiles of personal warmth and satisfaction. Others generate a slight tinge of embarrassment when they reveal today that only a few years ago I may not have been as farsighted as I thought. Don’t bother Googling. I will own up to […]

The Storyteller

At the grand opening of Brenau’s Florida campus, Brenau President Ed Schrader announced that Dennis Campay, whose paintings appear there and elsewhere on Brenau campuses, had been appointed the university’s first Master Artist. Not bad for a guy who technically did not start working as a “professional artist” until he was 42. In Jacksonville, Florida’s […]

Healing Arts

If you believe it is just a coincidence that one of the icons of the health care professions, Florence Nightingale, shares a name with a songbird, Brenau music professor Barbara Steinhaus suggests you may want to rethink your position. Dr. Barbara Steinhaus once visited a hospital patient who was recovering from a tracheotomy and suffering […]