In Memory: Spring 2019

Martha Thompson Frazier, WC ’46, of Cynthiana, Kentucky, died Jan. 19.
Ann Dunlap Horrell, WC ’46, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, died Nov. 10.
Mary “Rhetta” Thompson, WC ’46, of St. Simons Island, Georgia, died Jan. 13.
Antonia “Toni” Paule Karres, A ’47, of Southern Pines, North Carolina, died Aug. 3.
Barbara Rawlings Outlaw-Carroll, A ’47, of Mobile, Alabama, died Dec. 6.
Harriett Elizabeth Pendergrass Bailey, WC ’48, of Dunwoody, Georgia, died Oct. 11.
Isabelle Bailey McCutchen, WC ’48, of Bishopville, South Carolina, died Dec. 8.
Charlotte Rustin Cassels, WC ’51, of Columbia, South Carolina, died Nov. 1.
Hannah Warthen Grimes, WC ’51, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Aug. 23.
Ann Ralls Freeman Murrah, WC ’53, of Orlando, Florida, died Dec. 22.
Eloise Hood Ash, WC ’55, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Feb. 2.
Cynthia Lewis Dunn, WC ’56, of Kennesaw, Georgia, died Jan. 3.
Betty “Boots” Meroney Haviland, WC ’56, of Durham, North Carolina, died Aug. 29.
Lynn Hobbie Andrews, WC ’60, of Indian Springs, Alabama, died Dec. 3.
Beverly Watford Tames, WC ’62, of Columbus, North Carolina, died Nov. 11.
Clara Sue Rickman Jachode, WC ’63, of Clayton, Georgia, died Dec. 16.
Barbara Blanton Allen, WC ’64, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Nov. 1.
Sandra Niven, WC ’66, of Greenville, South Carolina, died Feb. 21, 2018.
Gwendolyn Thornton Rabalais, WC ’69, of Alexandria, Louisiana, died Jan. 9.
Martha Ann Davis Crenshaw, WC ’71, BU ’86, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Jan. 12.
Helen McFarlin, A ’68, WC ’72, of Nashville, Tennessee, died Oct. 13.
Linda Dalton, WC ’73, of Gastonia, North Carolina, died Dec. 13.
Laura Spencer Grossman, WC ’83, of West Point, Georgia, died Jan. 8.
Melissa Hernandez Smith, A ’92, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, died Nov. 20.
Jim Williams Hope, BU ’92, of Loganville, Georgia, died Oct. 18.
Elizabeth Nell Chambers, WC ’97, of Griffin, Georgia, died Nov. 6.
Brenda Hornaday, BU ’98, of Dacula, Georgia, died Dec. 7.
Connie Timms Rice, BU ’98, of Hartwell, Georgia, died Sept. 5.
Brenda Gooch, BU ’99, of Jefferson, Georgia, died Aug. 26.
Elizabeth “Betsy” Blackmon, BU ’11, of Columbia, South Carolina, died Oct. 21.
Thomas Hanie Paris, Jr., Trustee Emeritus, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Nov. 19.
James “Jim” Clark, former professor, of Monroe, Georgia, died Dec. 19.

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