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Brenau Strong

As the episode unfolds, our mild-mannered protagonist arrives on campus and, in an attempt to conceal her true identity, she tries to blend into the background. However, something happens that compels her to strip away her façade. She’s no longer the timid, somewhat bookish freshman. Revealing her super powers, she’s able to be anything she wants to be. She is Brenau Strong.

But what does that mean, Brenau Strong? How does Brenau Women’s College define strength? Why is it so important that Brenau continue providing exceptional undergraduate education for women – not only in the Women’s College but throughout the university – that it has allocated about one-fourth of its $40 million ForeverGold campaign to the women’s education initiative? You will see the Brenau Strong definition in stories throughout this magazine.

The components of Brenau Strong are myriad and as diverse as the women embodying them: natural-born and learned leaders; strong-bodied sportswomen who work hard at getting stronger in both athletics and academics. They are brave, courageous and bold, nurturing patience as well as tenacious willpower; acceptors of new ideas as well as critical thinkers who question everything. They have intellect, curiosity and creativity. They display unique, confident individualism yet play to the strengths of others with an innate belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

As Women’s College Dean Debra Dobkins said in 2014 when she kicked off the “Grrrl Power Hour” series of informal convocations on the historic campus, “Nothing is more powerful than a group of women who come together with a shared passion.”

Brenau Strong in essence means “well-roundedness,” if that’s a real phrase. They become engaged in and out of the classroom, on and off campus, applying themselves – individually and collectively – with tenacity, skill and passion to various pursuits. They understand – and apply – abstract concepts like strength in numbers (i.e., team building) and strength through diversity.

For the record, the “Grrrl” part of Dobkins’ convocation title is a reminder that the emblem of the Brenau Strong spirit is a bronze Golden Tiger named Lucile, a picture of quiet strength but
with a certainty that she will growl if she needs to.

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