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Winter 2016: Brenau Strong

Brenau Strong Header Image

Brenau Strong

How does Brenau Women’s College define strength? A long list of qualities expand the definition of Brenau Strong in the transformation of “Super Girls” to super Brenau women.

'Battle Tested' by James Swift

Battle Tested

As chair of the psychology department, Dr. Julie Battle oversees a faculty and staff of 10 professionals who deliver both undergraduate and graduate programs. However, she is probably best known as an advocate in the legal system for abused children – which takes a special kind of strength.

'Body of Work' by Candace Dyer

Body of Work

Golden Tigers intercollegiate sports teams often compete for conference and national championships with much larger schools and test all opponents. The secret? None of the others have Gary Hatfield.

Margaret May Franklin House

Early Adopters

Several decades ago, Margaret May Franklin and her husband, Stu, broke the rules of convention when they planned for how their estate would be allocated between his alma mater and hers. They were ahead of the times.

Board of Trustees

Peter D. Miller, Chair
Philip A. Wilheit Sr., Vice Chair
James Anthony Walters, Secretary
Carole Ann Carter Daniel, WC ’68, Treasurer
Gale Johnson Allen, BU ’91
Robin Smith Dudley, WC ’78
Kathryn (Kit) Dunlap, WC ’64
Emmie Henderson Howard, WC ’01
M. Douglas Ivester

Anna Alexander Jacobs, WC ’86
Emily Dunlap Lawson
Antonina Grib Lerch, WC ‘03
Ben E. Lilly
James E. Mathis Jr.
Steve McKibbon
James H. Moore
Betty Verson Norton, WC ’52
Gary L. Riley
Lawrence B. Schrage

David F. Seng
Erin McCabe Seng, BU ’93
Gail A. Smith, WC ’83
Mike Smith
Charles A. Smithgall III
Shay English Stafford, WC ’69
Bob Swoszowski
Stuart R. Virgin
Rear Admiral Patricia E. Wolfe, BU ‘87

Trustees Emeriti

Jane Wood Banks
Raymond H. Burch
June Cooke Hook, WC ’43

Mary Helen Roop Hosch, WC ’35
Henry S. Jennings Jr., M.D.
C.V. Nalley III

Thomas H. Paris Jr.
Lessie Bailey Smithgall


Edward L. Schrader, Ph. D.


David Morrison

Associate Editor/Design Director

Christie Gregory

Photographer and Multimedia Editor

Nick Dentamaro

Director of Multimedia Publishing

Michael McPeek

Staff Writers

Allison Reeger Cook
James Swift

Contributing Writers

Judy Cartwright
Candice Dyer
Ben McDade

Contributing Editors

Danielle Miller, BU ’08
Emily Stockton, WC ’11

Executive Director, Alumni & Constituent Engagement

Jenny Dell, BU ’15

Winter 2016, Brenau Window (USPS024-396) is published three times a year by the Brenau University Office of Communications & Publications, 500 Washington St. SE, Gainesville, GA 30501.

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