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Summer 2015


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More than a year into the largest fundraising initiative in Brenau history, the ForeverGold campaign has exceeded 63% of its $40 million goal. How did we get to this point, and where do we go from here? The news was not merely good. It was great. Brena …

Dana Barr

The ‘Very’ Quotable Dr. Dana Barr

Reuters this year declared Dana Boyd Barr one of the most quoted environmental scientists in the world because of her expertise in global public health issues. On a late afternoon at the end of August, the Emory University campus in Atlanta has that ne …

Lighting A Candle

Lighting a Candle

America faces a shortage of health care professionals across the board. Nowhere is the problem more pronounced than in the rural south. Brenau nursing practice graduate Myron Faircloth is doing something about it. THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN MEDICAL CO …

Meeting Mr. Carter

Meeting Mr. Carter

Women’s College First-year Seminar Shakes Students from Comfort Zones In the spring of 2014, the seemingly indefatigable former President Jimmy Carter published his latest book, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power – a well-documented …

Lasting Art

Lasting Art

Jean Westmacott spent 16 years helping catapult Brenau University into a North Georgia oasis for painting, sculpture and other works in a region that a satirist once referred to as ‘The Sahara of the Bozarts.’ Her work in bronze, marble and other media …

Model Life

When Lara Magzan arrived at Brenau as a teenager with more world experience than most people have in a lifetime, she felt nothing like the Greek goddess of courage. As a college student, Lara Magzan, WC ’95, modeled for Brenau University faculty member …

Heavy Hitter

When you read about 2014 Brenau Athletics Hall of Fame inductee Antonina Grib Lerch’s days as the top U.S. collegiate singles tennis player, her competitors share one common denominator. Whether they played on NAIA or NCAA Division II or III players, s …

Board of Trustees

  • Peter D. Miller, Chair
  • Philip A. Wilheit Sr., Vice Chair
  • James A. Walters, Secretary
  • Carole Ann Carter Daniel, WC ’68, Treasurer
  • Gale Johnson Allen, BU’91
  • Robin Smith Dudley, WC ’78
  • Kathryn (Kit) Dunlap, WC ’64
  • Emmie Henderson Howard, WC ’01
  • M. Douglas Ivester
  • Anna Alexander Jacobs, WC ’86
  • Emily Dunlap Lawson
  • Antonina Grib Lerch, WC ‘03
  • Ben E. Lilly
  • James E. Mathis Jr.
  • Steve P. McKibbon
  • James H. Moore
  • Betty Verson Norton, WC ’52
  • Gary L. Riley
  • Lawrence B. Schrage
  • David F. Seng
  • Gail A. Smith, WC ’83
  • Mike H. Smith
  • Charles A. Smithgall III
  • Shay English Stafford,WC ’69
  • Robert W. Swoszowski
  • Stuart R. Virgin
  • Patricia E. Wolfe, BU ‘87

Trustees Emeriti

  • Jane Wood Banks
  • Raymond H. Burch
  • Martha C. Edens, WC ’49
  • June Cooke Hook, WC ’43
  • Mary Helen Roop Hosch, WC ’35
  • Henry S. Jennings Jr., M.D.
  • C.V. Nalley III
  • Thomas H. Paris Jr.
  • Barbara Stockton Perry, WC ’47
  • Lessie Bailey Smithgall


  • Ed L. Schrader


  • David Morrison

Executive Director, Alumni & Constituent Engagement

  • Jenny Dell

Creative Director

  • Christie Gregory

Photographer and Multimedia Editor

  • Nick Dentamaro

Director of Multimedia Publishing

  • Michael McPeek

Contributing Writers

  • Alison Reeger Cook
  • Carrie Gann
  • Jerry Grillo
  • Denise Horton
  • Ben McDade
  • Stuart Taylor

Contributing Editors

  • Danielle Miller, BU ’08
  • Emily Stockton, WC ’11

Design Assistant

  • Nelli Martirosyan, WC ’12

Summer 2015, Brenau Window (USPS024-396) is published three times a year by the Brenau University Office of Communications & Publications, 500 Washington St. SE, Gainesville, GA 30501.

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