What does it mean to be engaged?

Jenny DellWhen you think of the word “engagement,” you might visualize a romantic proposal under the stars, a giddy “YES!,” and the resulting long-term commitment of devotion and love. While I don’t have the expectation that every alumnus regards Brenau as his or her soul mate (though I love that some of you do!), I do believe your relationship with your alma mater can mirror this dedication through another form of engagement – by actively participating in the life of the university.

Alumni participation, both in terms of attending events and making donations, provides benchmarks of alumni satisfaction, which in turn are reflected in rankings like those in U.S. News & World Report. In addition, foundations and corporations consider alumni participation when evaluating gifts to the university. High levels of engagement demonstrate the value of Brenau from the perspective of the closest source – you.

In fact, the Brenau faculty, staff and administration have shown their unyielding support for the university by collectively pledging nearly $100,000 in financial support for this fiscal year. Even more impressive is that these contributions represent a 100 percent participation rate among this population. One hundred percent of Brenau’s faculty, staff and administration believe in our mission enough to donate part of their hard-earned salaries back to the institution. What an unbelievable commitment!

Keeping this in mind, I encourage you to thoughtfully consider how your skills, time and resources are building the future of your beloved Brenau. What legacy are you leaving? How great is your impact? Can you do more? By demonstrating consistency, regardless of gift size or hours spent, you deepen your level of engagement. Even though you’ve heard it a hundred times over, every contribution does make a difference.

The comprehensive ForeverGold campaign is an excellent stepping stone toward further engagement with Brenau. The various initiatives within this effort span the breadth of the university’s mission. We each have a passion within us – that one idea, concept or dream that we hope to share with the world. Devote your time, designate your gift and let Brenau University be your platform for great things.

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