2015 Alumnae Reunion Weekend and May Day

New additions to the historic Gainesville campus and some beloved traditions marked this year’s Alumnae Reunion Weekend and May Day celebrations for the near 200 alumnae and students in attendance.

Besides the traditional May Court, class day and Maypole wrapping, the official dedication of “Brenau Woman #2″ took place in front of the Simmons Visual Arts Building on the historic campus. The statue which depicts a confident, self-possessed Brenau Woman walking away from the school, ready to take on the world, is the sister of “Brenau Woman #1″ who is already in place and is walking towards the school looking over her shoulder, hesitant to begin her transformation into a Brenau Woman.

“Brenau students’ experience of the world is expanding, even as some aspects seem to be shrinking,” said sculptor and former Brenau galleries director Jean Westmacott. “The women graduating from Brenau are being prepared for this ‘new world’ we all share.”

Meanwhile alumnae and their families toured the nearly-open, new sorority houses and Academy alumnae dedicated Academy Corner with a plaque celebrating Dean of the Academy C.B. Branham. These events were followed by the May Day Fashion Show and the Brenau Collaborative reception.

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