Summer 2016 Issue Cover: Where Experience Really Counts. Alums equipped for tough roles like Birmingham Schools Superintendent Kelley Castlin-Gacutan.

Summer 2016: Where Experience Really Counts

Rock Star

Dr. G., as Kelley Castlin-Gacutan is known, has her work cut out for her as Birmingham, Alabama’s public school superintendent. Those who know her tick off long lists of qualities that will make the job easier.

Killin’ It in Comedy

Dulcé Sloan was a bit of a cut-up as a student at Brenau Women’s College. Now, she has taken her show on the road as one of the nation’s hottest young comedians.

A Tale of Two Surgeons

Only a handful of doctors serve as U.S. Navy fleet surgeons, the top medical officers over subdivisions of the world’s largest navy. Two of them, Captains Joel Roos and Christopher Culp, are Brenau alumni.

The Best Teachers

As Brenau occupational therapy graduate students have learned through work at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, those with the most experience to share about what health care providers need to know to help patients are often the patients themselves.

Buffing History

Brenau Alumna Joyce Lott and her husband Tom believe that sometimes it takes a village to see into the pastoral past.

‘Matchmaker’ Clara Martin Created Job-oriented Student Experiences

Four decades ago, Brenau entered what is known in journalism and mass communications as “the Clara Martin” era that saw the launch of Brenau’s WBCX-FM radio station and put many students on the path to outstanding media careers.

Board of Trustees

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Philip A. Wilheit Sr., Vice Chair
James Anthony Walters, Secretary
Carole Ann Carter Daniel, WC ’68, Treasurer
Gale Johnson Allen, BU ’91
Robin Smith Dudley, WC ’78
Kathryn (Kit) Dunlap, WC ’64
Emmie Henderson Howard, WC ’01
M. Douglas Ivester

Anna Alexander Jacobs, WC ’86
Emily Dunlap Lawson
Antonina Grib Lerch, WC ‘03
Ben E. Lilly
James E. Mathis Jr.
Steve McKibbon
James H. Moore
Betty Verson Norton, WC ’52

Gary L. Riley
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Amanda Slavin
Gail A. Smith, WC ’83
Mike Smith
Shay English Stafford, WC ’69
Bob Swoszowski
Rear Admiral Patricia E. Wolfe, BU ‘87

Trustees Emeriti

Jane Wood Banks
Raymond H. Burch
Mary Helen Roop Hosch, WC ’35

Henry S. Jennings Jr., M.D.
C.V. Nalley III

Thomas H. Paris Jr.
Lessie Bailey Smithgall


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William Sanders

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Jenny Dell, BU ’15

Summer 2016, Brenau Window is published three times a year by the Brenau University Office of Communications & Publications, 500 Washington St. SE, Gainesville, GA 30501.

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