Summer 2016

Michelle Gray Haywood on ‘Being First’

Former history instructor Charles H. “Trey” Wilson reflects that, when he first taught at Brenau Women’s College in 2006, the makeup of his inaugural class represented the greatest diversity he had experienced in his academic career – 35 students: 11 African-American, two Hispanic, one from Zimbabwe, two in wheelchairs. Things were different three decades earlier […]

Finding Peace When There Is No Peace

Brenau Professors Kenneth Frank, J.D., who heads the university’s conflict resolution and legal studies program, and Mary Lou Frank, Ph.D. in psychology, traveled to Greece in May to do training for and judge at a tournament for the world’s largest student mediation organization. The experience provided them with an eye-opening view into the seemingly unending chaos […]

Summer 2016: Where Experience Really Counts

Rock Star Dr. G., as Kelley Castlin-Gacutan is known, has her work cut out for her as Birmingham, Alabama's public school superintendent. Those who know her tick off long lists of qualities that will make the job easier. Killin' It in Comedy Dulcé Sloan was a bit of a cut-up as a student at Brenau Women’s College. [...]

The Best Teachers

Above: Brenau University occupational therapy graduate student Meredith Burgamy, top, and Shepherd Center occupational therapist Katie Kimball, right, laugh with former patient Toy Wix while practicing techniques to help people living with impairments and disabilities. Wix, injured while working on a construction job site, plans to go to Switzerland soon for a stem cell treatment [...]

A Tale of Two Surgeons

Only a handful of doctors can be fleet surgeons, the top medical officers over subdivisions of the world's largest navy, overseeing the medical needs of 750,000 sailors, Marines and reservists. Recently, two Brenau alumni served simultaneously as fleets surgeons. Capt. Christopher Culp: On the Move Throughout Chris Culp’s military career, the Navy has moved him [...]

Medical Scholars Start Young

Hands-on experience is essential for undergrad and graduate health science students, but giving high schoolers an early taste can set courses to dreams they’ve never dreamed. The Brenau College of Health Sciences this spring worked with northeast Georgia organizations that participate in development and sustainability of health care services to launch a new program to […]

Time Machine for Student Experience

On one side of the room loyalists noisily pledge allegiance to the British Crown. On the other side of the aisle American patriots of New York with equal passion express their yearning for independence from the monarchy. A row of disenfranchised slaves and landless laborers – virtually voiceless in the back of the room – […]

Summer 2016 Campaign Update

Brenau University’s $40 million ForeverGold: An Extraordinary Legacy campaign is the largest in our storied history. The tri-pronged focus of enhancing Brenau’s historic Women’s College experience, expanding our innovative and leading health sciences programs, and providing greater access and financial support for students is positioning the university to influence countless future generations of students and […]

Award-winning designer Christie Gregory ‘retires’

This issue of Brenau Window marks the last with Christie Gregory in the masthead as associate editor/design director. The gifted, creative graphic designer will retire early to pursue full-time her own art and passion for personal growth and social responsibility. She and her husband, Bob, will remain in Gainesville, Georgia; we fully expect to see […]

Tennis, Softball Stall in Nationals

After a bumpy start to the season, the unranked Golden Tigers softball team was not supposed to make it to the national championship tournament. The tennis team, at one point ranked No. 5 in the nation, was. Although both made the cut to appear in the big 2016 season-ending show, both Tigers teams made rare […]

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