In Memory: Summer 2016

Margaret Smith Sudderth, WC ’35, of Atlanta, Georgia, died April 24.

Lucille Jenness Busenlener, WC ’37, of Metairie, Louisiana, died March 6.

Esther “Sherry” Sherrod Sandlin, WC ’40, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, died March 7.

Truscilla Drane Reynolds, WC ’41, of Miami, Florida, died Feb. 8.

Anne Upchurch Gribble, WC ’43, of Lakeway, Texas, died Feb. 8.

Sally Hudgins Drymon, WC ’45, of Midway, Georgia, died Jan. 13.

Kathryn Rew MacNeill, WC ’46, of Starkville, Mississippi, died Feb. 22.

Margaret Gill Yarbrough, WC ’46, of Huntsville, Alabama, died March 1.

June Griffin Ellis, WC ’48, of Monroe, Louisiana, died April 2.

Margaret Champman Sholtes, WC ’48, of Woodstock, Virginia, died Jan. 28.

Louise “Lou” Reynolds Drew, WC ’48, of New York, New York, died April 5.

Martha Carolyn Edens, WC ’48, of Columbia, South Carolina, died Oct. 19.

Joanne Wandeck Wynn, WC ’54, of Marianna, Florida, died Jan. 24.

Marion Holley Milner, WC ’57, of Charlotte, North Carolina, died April 6.

Barbara Bishop Powell, WC ’60, of Geneva, Florida, died Feb. 7.

Mary Alana Slattery Ferrell, WC ’62, of Hobe Sound, Florida, died Feb. 1.

Margaret (Peggy) Pidcock Pippin, WC ’65, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, died Feb. 16.

Barbara Estes Ferree, A ’68, WC ’72, of St. Petersburg, Florida, died Dec. 21.

Mary Sykes Fowler, WC ’75, of Gainesville, Georgia, died March 12.

Happy Garner Kirkpatrick, WC ’75, of Gainesville, Georgia, died March 21.

Larry Payne, BU ’76, of Demorest, Georgia, died April 18.

Sherry Springfield McCullom, WC ’79, of Simpsonville, South Carolina, died April 13.

Janice Keeton, WC ’80, of Culloden, Georgia, died April 6.

Elizabeth “Beth” Wiley Brown, WC ’82, of Buford, Georgia, died March 19.

Linda Gannett Richards, BU ’87, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 11.

Wanda Walker, BU ’95, of Riverdale, Georgia, died April 14.

Rachel Poole Conner, BU ’96, of Blairsville, Georgia, died April 24.

Jennifer Taylor, WC ’97, of Louisville, Kentucky, died Jan. 6.

Sandra “Big Mama” Couch, former employee, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 19.

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