Brenau University Kings Bay Campus

Striking Colors at Kings Bay

Usually when you leave a military post after close to 30 years of service, there is some kind of changing-of-the-guard ceremony. However, when the U.S. Navy last year changed its regulations governing colleges and universities authorized to operate on bases, it eliminated about 40 smaller schools. One of them, Brenau, saw no choice but to toss its sea bag on its shoulder, salute the officer at the gangway and go ashore.

As of May 27, Brenau concluded close to three decades on the Navy Submarine Base and transferred its operations to the newest campus in Jacksonville, Florida, about 40 miles south of the Georgia location. Commencement exercises in June were scheduled to be the last official act: Nine new Kings Bay graduates would join more than 1,300 alumni who have received undergraduate and graduate degrees or certificates among more than 1,700 civilian and military personnel who studied there.

“This in no way alters Brenau’s commitment that has been around for more than 40 years to offer the best possible options for higher education that we can put together for military personnel, veterans and dependents,” says Brenau President Ed Schrader. “We’ve proved before that, if we cannot do it on a Navy base or Army post, we will find other ways.”

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