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Brenau Strong means brainpower – raw, energetic intellect and mental agility. To fully understand what that means, take a look at any one of the crop of students the Women’s College has recruited into its freshman class since 2009 through the prestigious Brenau Scholar program. Each was ranked high on the academic scale among college-bound high school students throughout the region, capable of performing well in any college or university. Plus, each already had demonstrated a capacity for applying that brainpower creatively to other aspects of life.

This year’s Brenau Scholar class comprises an aspiring politician, top athlete, cancer survivor, new mother – each representing singular characteristics of a strong woman in the 21st century. “All eight,” said Enrollment Vice President Ray Tatum, who recruits for the program, “are just great young women.”

Brenau Scholar Katherine Fuller

Introducing Sen. Fuller

At 19, Brenau Scholar Katherine Fuller has mapped out a 30-year course to the U.S. Senate.

Brenau Scholar Abigail Sandifer

A ‘novel’ survivor

Brenau Scholar Abigail Sandifer, 18, from Stapleton, Georgia, had an atypical high school experience, as she battled a brain tumor and partial blindness.

Brenau Scholar Chayla Park

Muscling past intimidation

Brenau Scholar Chayla Park played four years of Class AAAAA varsity soccer but physical therapy is where she directs her academic pursuits.

Brenau Scholar Emma Jaczko

Crunching numbers, making waves

For Brenau Scholar Emma Jaczko, 18, it’s all about the big picture. An accounting major, she has long been fascinated by math, science and logic.

Brenau Scholar Taylor Bennett

From playmaker to healer

Brenau Scholar Taylor Bennett thought, “How cool would it be if I became a doctor and went overseas and helped kids?”

Brenau Scholar Allie McConnell

A different kind of therapist

Brenau Scholar Allie McConnell, 18, already has racked up considerable experience working with mentally and developmentally disabled children.

Brenau Scholar Hannah Skelton

Taking it to the next stage

Brenau Scholar Hannah Skelton chose her college by attending as many plays and musicals as she could and picking the most impressive stage production.

Brenau Scholar Jihae Stanfield

‘Nothing can take me down’

“I actually want to go back to my high school and teach there,” says Brenau Scholar Jihae Stanfield. “I want to be there … to make sure it goes uphill…”

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