Brenau Scholar

Brenau Scholar, first Brenau Dreams Scholarship recipients recognized

Freshmen Jennifer Elias and Lin Ngo were recently recognized as the first recipients of Brenau University’s new Brenau Dreams Scholarship, while freshman Savannah “Maeve” Auchmoedy was named a Brenau Scholar for the 2021-22 academic year. The Brenau Dreams Scholarship was created for first-generation college students in Hall County. To be chosen for the Brenau Scholars […]

Class of 2021 Brenau Scholars

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The Brenau Scholars Program recognizes those who, as the Brenau Ideal states, “find satisfaction in being rather than in seeming” and “find joy in doing rather than in dreaming.” The young women chosen for this program epitomize these standards, using their talents, ambition and brilliance daily to pursue their goals and to excel in academics, [...]

Brenau Scholar Olivia Pelton

Olivia Pelton, Brenau Scholar

From the moment you meet Olivia Pelton, with her golden Rapunzel hair and delicate cat-eye makeup, you might imagine she is straight out of a Disney fairy-tale musical. It’s no surprise, then, that she started her own business at age 14 called Party Princess, in which she dressed up as Disney princesses to attend community […]

Brenau Scholar Olivia Eafano

Olivia Eafano Brenau Scholar

Olivia Eafano has had an interesting relationship with music from an early age, not only because she loves it, but because it helped distract her from a childhood medical issue. She started taking voice and piano lessons at age 5, which was about the time she was diagnosed with uveitis, an autoimmune disorder that tricks […]

Brenau Scholar Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller, Brenau Scholar

Nicole Miller’s favorite words of wisdom come from acclaimed author Kurt Vonnegut Jr.: “Be soft, do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” This reflects much of […]

Brenau Scholar Nichole Hart

Nichole Hart, Brenau Scholar

Nichole Hart’s life was changed by a bright orange flier. “My parents didn’t want to push anything on me, and they encouraged me to tell them what I wanted to do,” says Hart, a theater acting major at Brenau. “I saw an orange flier at school that said ‘Drama Kids.’ I said, ‘I’m gonna do […]

Brenau Scholar Mirella Reily

Mirella Reily, Brenau Scholar

The seed for Mirella “Mel” Reily’s passion for theater was first planted while in middle school, homeschooled in Marietta, Georgia. Her parents, wanting her to have a social outlet, encouraged her to take theater classes at Marble House Arts Center. It presented her new opportunities to make friends and express herself – the first step […]

Brenau Scholar Maggie Davis

Maggie Davis Brenau Scholar

Venturing outside a small hometown to a whole new city, one can feel like a little fish suddenly dropped into a big pond. That is how Maggie Davis first felt leaving Thomasville, Georgia, the only town she’s ever known, to come to Brenau to major in early childhood education and minor in psychology. The metaphor […]

Brenau Scholar Madison Kaufman

Madison Kaufman, Brenau Scholar

Whoever says monsters aren’t real hasn’t met Madison “Maddie” Kaufman – or Mad Dog, as she is affectionately called by her theater friends. She brings monsters from the deepest fantasies of the mind to life, such as the large, wearable dragon creation she made for the Game of Thrones season premiere at the Fox Theatre […]

Brenau Scholar Christina Hogg

Christina Hogg, Brenau Scholar

Christina Hogg has been caring for children since she was a child herself, so she knew that whatever she chose to do with her life, child care must be a part of it. “I always knew I wanted to work with kids, and I am also good at science – I took anatomy and physiology […]