Brenau Scholar

From playmaker to healer

Brenau Scholar Taylor Bennett

During her junior year on the soccer team at Dawson County High School in North Georgia, Brenau Scholar Taylor Bennett scored 10 goals and had 18 assists. She was the team captain and a first-team selection to all-region and all-area squads. She led the Dawson County Tigers to a Sweet 16 spot in the state tournament and won the […]

Crunching numbers, making waves

Brenau Scholar Emma Jaczko

For Brenau Scholar Emma Jaczko, 18, it’s all about the big picture. An accounting major, the McIntosh High School grad from Peachtree City, Georgia, has long been fascinated by math, science and logic. She loves to evaluate and analyze, determining the costs and benefits of a decision or operation. She was awarded scholarships from the University of Georgia to […]

A ‘novel’ survivor

Brenau Scholar Abigail Sandifer

Brenau Scholar Abigail Sandifer, 18, from Stapleton, Georgia, had an atypical high school experience, bouncing between schools before graduating from Thomson High School. She also battled a life-threatening brain tumor, which caused partial blindness and led to two years of treatments. Although her cancer is in remission and her sight restored, Sandifer still feels she missed significant parts of […]

The Great Eight

The Great Eight header image
Brenau Strong means brainpower – raw, energetic intellect and mental agility. To fully understand what that means, take a look at any one of the crop of students the Women’s College has recruited into its freshman class since 2009 through the prestigious Brenau Scholar program. Each was ranked high on the academic scale among college-bound [...]

Embodying the Brenau Ideal

From left, Mason Garland, Amanda Smith, Joycelynn Joshua, Danielle Walls and Erin Henderson are the 2014 Brenau Scholars.

Five Brenau Scholars Shine in Academic and Community Leadership ForeverGold provides for more abundant scholarship and financial assistance opportunities, like Brenau Scholars – a Women’s College program designed to attract top-performing academic prospects and put them on the leadership track in and out of the classroom. The university offers full freshman-year tuition, about a $25,000 value for […]

Good Eye – Mason Garland

Mason Garland

Mason Garland had to dissect a cow’s eye in a Jackson County High School science class. The level of the “Yuk!” factor her classmates expressed paled in comparison to the enthusiasm the Hochston, Georgia, native expressed. Brenau pitched the Brenau Scholars opportunity her way, and Garland connected with a home-run swing. Brenau not only offered an outstanding health sciences program, but also provided […]

‘Black Belt’ in Service – Erin Henderson

Erin Henderson

When Erin Henderson, of Snellville, Georgia, was just a year old, her parents discovered she suffered from an ophthalmological condition known as “lazy eye.” Technically amblyopia involves the brain’s switching off input from the optic nerve in one eye, which can cause blurred or reduced vision and, when untreated, possible long-term damage. Henderson has no lasting problems or emotional scars from […]

Ill Wind Blows Good – Joycelynn Joshua

Joycelynn Joshua

When Joycelynn Joshua first went to school as a kid in New Orleans, what she encountered was not exactly leading-edge stuff. “You know how you joke about technology in school during your parents’ time? That’s what we had in school [in New Orleans],” she said. “Technology was blackboards. I didn’t get my first computer until I came to Georgia.” Hurricane Katrina […]

Butterfly Effect – Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith’s epiphany occurred while she was pursuing a leadership award for her Cumming, Georgia, Girl Scout troop, helping younger children build a butterfly garden at their school. “I saw how much work goes into planning and making activities for young students,” she said, “and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do.” As a top student, […]

Straight Shooter – Danielle Walls

Danielle Walls

Danielle Walls’ cousin had a tennis ball-sized brain tumor extracted when he was 3 years old. She closely observed his slow and painful recovery process, particularly the work with occupational therapists and “what a big impact they had” on his full recovery. That is why she is at Brenau, and why she is preparing for […]