Jasmine Holt, a freshman fashion merchandising major, is one of this year's Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau Scholar: Jasmine Holt

Most young girls like to play dress-up, but Jasmine Holt wants to make it an aspect of her career. The fashion merchandising major from Asheville, North Carolina, knew her unique combinations of clothing were more than just a hobby, even as a kid.

“I was always the kid playing dress-up, and I rarely played anything else,” she says. “I was always putting together the craziest combinations of clothing to make hilarious outfits. My mom always tells this story of when I was about 3 years old and she bought me a pair of overalls and put them on me. And I would whine and cry and rip them off because they were not cute. On top of that, after I started school, I would always pick out my outfits before bed, because if I didn’t have enough time in the morning, it would not be a good morning. “

Holt’s mother, a native of England, came to the U.S. on a whim many years ago. Holt says her mom’s globe-trotting wanderlust and desire for adventure play into her career plans, including traveling and experiencing the world through fashion.

As much as she loves reading about, watching videos of and designing different fashion statements, volunteering is just as important to Holt. “I love volunteer work because it gives you the opportunity to do different things and affect lives in ways you wouldn’t otherwise,” she says. “My favorite was working at an art expo as an assistant to caterers and artists. This was especially interesting because I got to meet so many different artists and learn about their works. I plan on continuing to do volunteer work to give back to my community.”

After living in the Great Smoky Mountains her whole life, Holt realized she’s a city girl at heart and applied to every school in the Atlanta area that had a reputable fashion merchandising program. Once she narrowed down the options, Brenau stood out to her. Having grown up around strong women, going to a historical women’s college seemed right.

“I’ve loved Brenau since the first time I visited the campus. The homey feel is so comforting. My favorite thing about Brenau so far has been meeting all different types of girls. Everyone here is so genuinely sweet and it’s been great to get to know each of them,” Holt says.

Once she earns her degree, Holt hopes to attend graduate school at Fordham University in New York for its specialized program in fashion law. While she admits it’s a rather unusual decision for someone who is majoring in fashion, she would like to become a lawyer for a fashion house so she can defend their designs and other work in court.

She’s thankful that being chosen as a Brenau Scholar will lead her toward her goals and make her a leader in her own right.

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  1. Jason Holt says:

    One incredible young lady. A true path forger. Just like her incredible grandmother/Nana.

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