Mae Allison, a freshman theater major poses for a photo in the Brenau Amphitheater. Allison is one of the Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau Scholar: Mae Allison

While most kids have toys, computers or televisions in their play rooms, Mae Allison of Lawrenceville, Georgia, had a stage.

“When my sister and I were little, my dad and grandpa built us a stage in our play room,” Allison says. “At our first house we used the trunk of a tree as a stage, but when we moved my parents surprised us on Christmas morning with a stage and vanities. Theater was always a part of our lives.”

That started Allison on her journey to Brenau to pursue a B.A. in musical theater. Growing up, she watched plays like Cats and Mary Poppins at the Fox Theatre and would get tickets in her basket from the Easter Bunny.

She was also greatly inspired by her parents. While not professional theater actors – her mother works as an elementary school administrative assistant and bookkeeper, and her father works for a pool company and does graphic design work – both are creative and natural performers, Allison says.

“I knew that the theater was where I belonged, and my parents have always been so supportive and true role models,” Allison says. “My parents and sister Hannah have always been there to support me in everything I do. I am so grateful for them.”

Allison was part of a youth worship group at church from the sixth grade through her senior year of high school. When her sister, who had been the leader of the group for dance, graduated, Allison took her place. At the end of every school year, the group would go on a mission trip, where she realized she could use her love for performance as a way to help others. “I love theatre because it showed me how beautiful life is,” Allison says.

After touring the campus her junior year of high school, Allison knew Brenau was the place for her. She admired the theater program and the beautiful buildings and quickly found friends. Most important, she has enjoyed giving her full attention to her theater work. “Now that I am in college, I can make theater my main focus instead of just a hobby,” she says.

As a Brenau Scholar, Allison plans to keep giving back to the community through theater and serving others.

“Being chosen as a Brenau Scholar scholarship recipient is one of the highest honors,” she says. “I feel so blessed to be a Brenau Scholar. I know this will be one of the greatest opportunities of my life to really have a strong impact on others and to develop as a leader.”

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  1. Robin Foster says:

    Congratulations Mae!! So happy for you!

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