In Memory: Winter 2017

Richard Murphy, BU ’91, of Augusta, Georgia, died July 15.

Frances Turpen Ellington, A ’35, WC ’39, of Jefferson, Georgia, died July 14.

Caroline Smith Lanier Longest, WC ’35, of Raleigh, North Carolina, died Aug. 16.

Helen Akins Atkinson, WC ’36, of Tallahassee, Florida, died Aug. 26.

Louise Fraser Cook, A ’38, of Gainesville, Georgia, died June 15.

Margaret Roper Carroll, WC ’41, of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, died May 27, 2014.

Helene Steigner Carmany, WC ’44, of New Franklin, Ohio, died Feb. 17, 2016.

Violet Blakewood Lux, WC ’45, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, died Sept. 21.

Doris Beidenmiller Whitaker, WC ’45, of Charleston, South Carolina, died July 6.

Delcia Shubert Aichel Francke, WC ’47, of Jacksonville, Florida, died March 17, 2016.

Kathryn Perdew White Minnick, WC ’47, of Wilmington, North Carolina, died Sept. 11.

Helen Philpott Palmour, WC ’49, of Dunwoody, Georgia, died July 25.

Jane Greer Morton, WC ’50, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, died May 7.

Lottie “Jill” Kyzar Bailey, WC ’52, of Dry Branch, Georgia, died April 22.

Mary Claire McNeill Kaufman, WC ’52, of Douglas, Wyoming, died May 25.

Bettie Phillips Spikes, WC ’53, of Columbus, Georgia, died Aug. 11.

Joan Kramer Davis, WC ’55, of Loveland, Ohio, died June 1.

Sarah Price Barnebey, WC ’56, of Bradenton, Florida, died April 28.

Barbara Farr Harrison, WC ’57, of Greenville, South Carolina, died June 21.

Laura Marie Felix, WC ’58, of St. Petersburg, Florida, died June 6.

Marquitta Daniels, WC ’61, of Atlanta, Georgia, died May 24.

Kathryn Jones, WC ’63, of Asheville, North Carolina, died Aug. 24.

Sister Clara Ann Nichols-Jones, WC ’63, of Johns Island, South Carolina, died Sept. 1.

Nan Fuller Stonecipher Collins, WC ’64, of Marietta, Georgia, died June 5.

Bonnie Clarke Jarrard, WC ’64, of Newnan, Georgia, died June 26.

Nancy Jo Floyd Stipp, WC ’65, of Greenville, South Carolina, died Feb. 20.

Mary Randolph Ward, WC ’70, of Flowery Branch, Georgia, died Sept. 9.

Frances West Reynolds, WC ’71, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Sept. 18.

Angus Waldo “Wally” Sowell III, BU ’81, of Clarkesville, Georgia, died March 23, 2016.

Elizabeth “Beth” Wiley Brown, WC ’82, of Buford, Georgia, died March 19, 2016.

Frances Segars Hemphill, WC ’82, of Toccoa, Georgia, died July 24.

Robert Sires, BU ’83, of Gray, Georgia, died June 19.

Robert Kirk Etheridge, BU ’85, of Winder, Georgia, died Jan. 8.

Carolyn Fay Perschka, WC ’87, of Nicholson, Georgia, died July 5.

Jeffrey C. Whitley, BU ’88, of North Las Vegas, Nevada, died June 19.

John Blum, BU ’91, of Lilburn, Georgia, died March 13, 2016.

Shannon Bridges Lay, BU ’98, of Watkinsville, Georgia, died Aug. 3.

Emma Little-Camacho, BU ’02, of Grovetown, Georgia, died Sept. 8.

Candace Byers Simmons, BU ’07, of Jefferson, Georgia, died May 2.

Brenda Murray, BU ’11, of Hephzibah, Georgia, died Sept. 11.

Dr. Hugh Mills, Jr., former president of Brenau, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Aug. 4.

Callie Pullen, former employee, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Aug. 10.

Dorothy Chaney “Snookie” Schrader, mother of President Ed Schrader, of Gainesville, Georgia, died May 10.

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  1. Vicki Palmer Edmondson says:

    Hope Moseley Riepe – beloved chemistry/biology teach at Brenau Academ
    y. Gone but never forgotten.
    May 4, 1921 – June 25, 2016

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