Winter 2017

Video Shows Emotional Connection

Brenau’s 2016-17 enrollment video captures the essence of the uniqueness and prestigious nature of the university through personal stories of six students and alumnae. Highlighting both traditional and nontraditional students, the video thematically demonstrates that individuals can thrive at Brenau regardless of their age, fields of study or career stage. Produced by the university’s enrollment […]

Winter 2017: Relationship Building

Window 2017 cover image "Building Relationships"
Humble Nomad Fresh out of school, Class of '09, alum Will Bradley scored what most veteran actors would consider plum roles in theater and film. But this "overnight success" thing takes work. Academic Assist Since 1983, Brenau students who might otherwise struggle in college have had a secret partner in their corner to help them [...]

Winter 2017 Campaign Update

ForeverGold Winter 2017 graphic

Brenau University’s $40 million ForeverGold: An Extraordinary Legacy campaign is the largest in our storied history. The tri-pronged focus of enhancing Brenau’s historic Women’s College experience, expanding our innovative and leading health sciences programs, and providing greater access and financial support for students is positioning the university to influence countless future generations of students and […]

Class of 2020 Brenau Scholars

Grid of Brenau Scholars portraits.
The Brenau Scholars Program recognizes those who, as the Brenau Ideal states, “find satisfaction in being rather than in seeming,” and “find joy in doing rather than in dreaming.” The young woman chosen for this program use their talents, ambition and brilliance daily to pursue their goals, and to excel in academics, community service and [...]

Brenau Scholar: Rachel Christina

Rachel Christina, a freshman psychology pre occupational therapy major, poses for a portrait. Christina is one of this year's 12 Brenau scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Rachel Christina, originally from Youngstown, Ohio, experienced a life-changing event at a young age. “When I was 2, I lost part of my thumb in an accident. I got teased a lot because of it, but it taught me to turn the other cheek,” she says. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world […]

Brenau Scholar: Mae Allison

Mae Allison, a freshman theater major poses for a photo in the Brenau Amphitheater. Allison is one of the Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

While most kids have toys, computers or televisions in their play rooms, Mae Allison of Lawrenceville, Georgia, had a stage. “When my sister and I were little, my dad and grandpa built us a stage in our play room,” Allison says. “At our first house we used the trunk of a tree as a stage, […]

Brenau Scholar: Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill, a freshman theater major, is one of this year's Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Her first semester at Brenau was like a fairytale for musical theater major Lauren Hill of Flowery Branch, Georgia. She played the lead role of Belle in Gainesville Theatre Alliance’s production of Beauty and the Beast in November, in which only six freshmen out of 29 student actors were cast. But this wasn’t her first […]

Brenau Scholar: Katherine Davis

Katie Davis, a freshman musical theater major, is one of this year's Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau Scholars epitomize what it means to be leaders at the Women’s College. Katherine Davis of Melbourne, Florida, grew up with the best role model of a female leader that molded her entire outlook on life and what she wanted to do with it. “My mother is the most supportive and influential person in my […]

Brenau Scholar: Jasmine Holt

Jasmine Holt, a freshman fashion merchandising major, is one of this year's Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Most young girls like to play dress-up, but Jasmine Holt wants to make it an aspect of her career. The fashion merchandising major from Asheville, North Carolina, knew her unique combinations of clothing were more than just a hobby, even as a kid. “I was always the kid playing dress-up, and I rarely played anything […]

Brenau Scholar: Hallie Storms

Hallie Storms, a freshman theater major poses for a photo in Pearce Auditorium. Storms is one of the Brenau Scholars. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Some people go into the theater because they love the stage and the spotlight. Some because it allows them to express a side of themselves they can’t in daily life. Hallie Storms of Memphis, Tennessee, became a theater major at Brenau for a different reason: her personal way of sharing important social messages to the […]