Emily Burgess: Direction Finder

Emily Burgess
Emily Burgess

Like many an actor, Emily Burgess also wants to direct. Then again, the Brenau Women’s College freshman has gotta dance. On top of that, there’s her all-in commitment to sorority life. Burgess, a 2013-14 Brenau Scholar from Dalton, Ga., is also looking for a few good older citizens of the community with whom she can get involved.

After just a couple weeks on campus, the theater major already had a fairly full plate. Enveloped in Brenau University’s theater organization, Gainesville Theatre Alliance, she plans to help out both behind the scenes and on stage at current and future GTA productions. She also planned an audition with Brenau’s dance fraternity, Tau Sigma. And, she’s jumping into sorority life with both feet as a new member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Burgess plans to continue her volunteer work while at Brenau. During high school years, she regularly spent time with the residents at a local assisted living center, where she coordinated productions by her high school theater group. In addition, she danced on her school’s dance team, performing at pep rallies and the local fair.

She says one reason for her coming to Brenau was that she felt students and staff encouraged each other to look beyond the classroom for their learning experiences. “That’s what really brought me to Brenau,” she says. “It not only has a great theater program, but faculty encourage you to do something good with it. I’m more of an actress, but I’m also interested in the technical aspects — producing, playwriting and directing. So, with a bachelor of arts degree here, that gives me an opportunity to experience all the aspects.”

Burgess says that while she came from a really good high school program, she is impressed by the professionalism at Brenau. “They set the bar really high,” she says. “They want you to not only be a theater artist but a better student overall.”


Burgess Checks Out Brenau During Winter Weekend

Burgess was on Brenau’s Gainesville campus last February for Winter Weekend, an annual recruiting event for high school seniors. During her visit, she spent time with current students, found out information about sororities and became more acquainted the the campus that would soon be her home.

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