Rosanne Chastain Short, WC ’90, EWC ’06

Rosanne Chastain Short, WC ’90, EWC ’06, was published in the The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book: Singin’, Praisin’, Raisin’. A former student in the nationally renowned Foxfire program, she recounts how she uses the approach of interviewing family elders in her adjunct teaching of interpersonal communication to undergraduate students. Short was awarded the prestigious Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce Silver Shovel Award for her volunteer work as a Chamber Ambassador, of which she serves as a co-chair. She currently serves as the Gainesville/East Campus Director for Nonresidential Programs & Support Services and is the point of contact for Brenau’s  active military students. She is also an adjunct professor for Brenau’s mass communication and academic success classes.

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