Wow! I Did It!

Malak Kikhia poses for a picture in the lounge area of the Brenau University East Campus in Gainesville, Ga.

If you use little things – like a couple of kids– to stall your aspirations for a degree, think about Malak Kikhia. This extraordinary Brenau alumna did it with five of ’em. Malak Kikhia, EWC ’12, encountered a huge roadblock even before she set out on her six-year quest to get a Bachelor of Science […]

Back on the Bike

Darren Johnson is interview while he works in the adult learning area on Brenau University's Gainesville campus.

Nontraditional student Darren Johnson spent more than a decade figuring out what he really needed to do to help kids who were not as fortunate. Growing up in Augusta, Ga., Darren Johnson had no shortage of positive male role models – his own dad, teachers, and other community members. Always some near him helped guide […]

Long Story Short

Roseanne Short is the director of nonresidential programs and support services at Brenau University.

If you think potty training a toddler is not a road block to completing your education, you are probably a man. However, Rosanne Short knows first-hand that minor distractions become major in the world of nontraditional students. Roseanne Chastain Short enrolled as a freshman at Brenau Women’s College in the 1981-82 academic year. That summer, […]