In Memory: Fall 2017

Carolyne Smith Bryan, WC ’36, of Arlington, Virginia, died May 25.

Carolyn Abney, WC ’46, of Greenwood, South Carolina, died May 10.

Marguerite Duncan-McFarland Bradford, WC ’46, of Staunton, Virginia, died May 20.

Sara White Brown, WC ’46, of Lexington, Kentucky, died June 30.

Genevieve Low Stewart, WC ’46, of Pineville, Kentucky, died June 8.

Ruth Haynes Murff Hamrick, WC ’47, of Gainesville, Georgia, died May 7.

Virginia Korizon, WC ’47, of Conyers, Georgia, died June 11.

Jan Hayes Serafy, WC ’50, of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, died Feb. 16.

Cathryn Redwine Stephens, A ’59, of Fayetteville, Georgia, died July 10.

Judy Fitzgibbons Carswell, WC ’66, of Macon, Georgia, died May 14.

Lilla Lil Bell, WC ’77, of Gainesville, Georgia, died June 20.

Hazel Poole Ledford, WC ’83, of Gainesville, Georgia, died May 25.

Perry Miles, BU ’92, of Clinton, Georgia, died June 24.

Joann Peacher, BU ’92, of Augusta, Georgia, died April 15.

Joseph Nile Peacher, Sr., former professor, of Augusta, Georgia, died July 1.

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