Lea Mason

Conversation: Lea Mason, WC ’14

Hometown: Decatur, Ga.

Major: Biology

Scholar SGA President

Q: How did you become interested in biology 
and medicine?
A: I have wanted to be a pediatrician since I was a little girl. I have always loved kids, so I knew I wanted to do something around them. My first real hospital experience was as a high school junior volunteer at Emory in Atlanta. Last spring at Brenau I was at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. It was interesting to see the difference in a children’s hospital and Emory. This summer I spent five weeks in Athens, Ohio, at Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. The program was designed to see how ready one is for medical school, and it involved classes, labs, community service and many tests. It was a really good experience and showed me how much I really liked medicine.

Q: How has Brenau help you define your future?
A: Opportunities have definitely come up at Brenau. As a sophomore I participated in the Endangered Plants Program. This opened my mind to an entirely new side of medicine – research. I attended a conference and learned even more about how medical schools expect you to bring research to the table.

Q: Is there a lab project you just will not do?
A: I don’t think there is! Along with five others, I took gross anatomy this summer. We had our own cadaver. Lab experiences don’t bother me.

Q: Have you had heroes in your educational journey?
A: Most recently Brenau’s Assistant Professor of Biology and Laboratory Director Jesse Shrout. She introduced me to osteopathic medicine, which led to my experience with the Heritage College summer program. Dr. Louise Bauck showed me how science was more than just studying – how to use it in life every day.

Q: You’re Brenau’s 2013-14 Baxter-Bryan Scholar, the university’s highest academic honor. How did that occur?
A: When I first got the application, I was very excited. I ran to the provost’s office. I didn’t know where I stood academically, so just to be one of the five finalists was a huge honor. I remember being very excited for the opportunity for community service, leadership involvement, actually staying on campus and living the true Brenau lifestyle, and learning more about women’s education in society. When I won, it blew my mind. To receive it was great, but to know how Brenau makes the decision and what was involved makes it an incredible honor.

Q: You mentioned leadership – as a rising senior what will you be involved with on campus?
A: I’m proud to serve as SGA’s Senior Class President. That’s going to be fun to be involved in bridge-building for my class. I’m also excited to serve as director of Student Activities Board, which means I’ll get to plan all those fun Brenau events with the executive committee and bring them to the student body. From an interview with Jay Andrews, of 89.1 WBCX-FM. Listen to the audio attached to this article.

5 Responses to “Conversation: Lea Mason, WC ’14”
  1. Ayanna pope says:

    You’re my role model Lei Lei!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    • Michelle MnM says:

      Mason sister I am soooo proud of you!!!! You have always been about it and I’m so happy to know that nothing has changed!! I may not have seen you in a while but I’m rooting for ya!! 🙂 love you!!!

  2. J.A. Hodge says:

    Yes Nita, I remember you talking bout all that crying and look what a blessing God gave to you!! You should brag and boast and be very very proud. I wanna be just like Lea when I grow up!!! :-)) Congrats Lea, what a role model you are!! My prayers for you and the entire Mason family.

  3. Toni Jackson says:

    Oh my sweet niece. Wow! So proud of you. Not only are you brilliant but down to earth as well. Don’t need to tell you to keep it up because you have God’s DNA. Love, aunt Toni.

  4. C. Peoples says:

    Lea, I couldn’t be prouder if you were my own daughter! I pray your continued success! In Jesus Name…

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