This is a Year to Celebrate!

When I look back at the rich history of an institution like Brenau, I think of many things. Beautiful buildings, shiny statues and art-adorned walls make up part of the physical history of Brenau. Top honors, national recognitions and annual accreditations shape the academic history of the university. But above all, I see the faces and hear the stories of the women and men who left a lasting legacy upon this place simply by walking its halls.

Yes, it’s you – the Brenau alumnus – who forms the heart of this extraordinary place. Whether you physically walked the halls of Pearce in search of Agnes in the wee hours as a college girl, or you figuratively “walked the halls” as you navigated through the demands of work, family and obtaining your degree while squinting at a computer screen in your bedroom in those wee hours, your passion for Brenau, and your commitment to The Brenau Ideal, make you our living history.

The 2013-14 academic year marks several huge milestones for Brenau University. This year we celebrate 135 years of educating women through the Women’s College; 100 years of sisterhood through Delta Delta Delta sorority; 85 years of preparing high school girls for the rigors of college through the Academy and Early College program; 50 years of producing some of the region’s top nurses through the School of Nursing; 20 years of sisterhood through Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority; and 20 years of providing continuing education to Gainesville’s senior population through the Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute (affectionately known as BULLI).

That’s a lot to celebrate, and we expect you’ll want to join in on the party! If you haven’t already, connect with us through the Web and social media to keep abreast of the festivities. Continue to read this award-winning magazine cover-to-cover. And after you do all that, and still want more, pick up the phone and give us a good old-fashioned call.

Thank you for being the heartbeat of Brenau,
Jenny Dell, Executive Director of Alumni & Events / 770.534.6164

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