Humble Nomad

Will Bradley, BU '09, poses for a photo inside Pearce Auditorium. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau alum Will Bradley scored what most professional actors would consider plum roles in bicoastal theater productions, feature films and in a recurring role for a popular television series. What he’s learned is this “overnight success” thing in show business sometimes takes years. He paces on stage at Pearce Auditorium. Hands in his pockets, he […]

Diaz Becomes Business Mastermind

Stefanie Diaz , WC '05 and BU '07, is the founder and CEO of Mastermind Your Launch. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Stefanie Diaz takes the stage in Pearce Auditorium. She has a tough act to follow, as the student-filled audience is still buzzing from the lively performance by Tau Sigma dancers. Little do they know, Diaz once danced in their shoes. Diaz, founder of the company Mastermind Your Launch, graduated from the Women’s College in 2005 […]

Tending the Roots

Frank Norton Jr., chairman and CEO of the Norton Agency, poses for a portrait inside his office. Norton recently joined the Brenau Board of Trustees. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Frank Norton Jr. bridges a legacy of art, business and education as a new university trustee Frank Norton Jr. graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, but he spent most of his 60 years in and around Brenau University. “While my mother has been a longtime member of the Board of Trustees, my grandmother also […]

Sophomore Abigail Sandifer on Panel at National Health Conference

Brenau Scholar Abigail Sandifer

Abigail Sandifer, a sophomore health sciences major from Stapleton, Georgia, and a 2015-16 Brenau Scholar, spoke on a panel at the ImproveCareNow National Conference on Sept. 15-17 in Chicago, Illinois, as a member of the International Council of Nurses’ Patient Advisory Council. “It was my first time in Chicago – in the Midwest at all. […]

An Academic Assist

Gloria Clark, a sophomore legal studies and conflict resolution major, works on Spanish with her tutor Amy Hernandez at the Learning Center. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Since 1983, Brenau University’s Learning Center has helped students with learning disabilities and other disorders achieve success in and out of the classroom. Under the direction, most of that time, of Brenau’s longest-serving faculty member Dr. Vincent Yamilkoski, the center typifies the open and accessible, one-on-one, superior education for which Brenau is known. By Kristen […]

In Memory: Winter 2017

Richard Murphy, BU ’91, of Augusta, Georgia, died July 15. Frances Turpen Ellington, A ’35, WC ’39, of Jefferson, Georgia, died July 14. Caroline Smith Lanier Longest, WC ’35, of Raleigh, North Carolina, died Aug. 16. Helen Akins Atkinson, WC ’36, of Tallahassee, Florida, died Aug. 26. Louise Fraser Cook, A ’38, of Gainesville, Georgia, […]

Living Maps to Brenau’s Treasures

Docent points out details in painting to visiting patrons.

Did you know that one of the most interesting pieces in Brenau’s permanent art collection is a tissue drawing by a famous artist in which he explains another of his pieces in the collection? There are some people around who can tell you all about it. During the past quarter century Brenau University amassed one […]

A Feel for Design

Diana Eden takes measurements on Brandon Thompson during The Art of Costume Design workshop presented by Diana Eden. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

A decade ago, Antonina Grib Lerch, WC ’03, thanked her mentor in Hollywood’s costume design industry for her tutelage, her guidance and for providing a roof over her head. Lerch asked the renowned costume designer and Emmy Award nominee, Diana Eden, how she could ever repay her. “Her answer was very simple,” says Lerch. “Just […]

Alice Miller Phillips, Author

Alice Miller Phillips, WC ’04, released her historical thriller set in Paris in 1888, The Eighth Day Brotherhood, in August with Black Rose Writing.

Alice Miller Phillips, WC ’04, published her first novel, The Eighth Day Brotherhood, in August with Black Rose Writing, an independent publishing house based in Castroville, Texas. Critics have praised the novel as “intense and heart-rending,” as well as “beautiful writing with an encapsulating story combining history, art, religion and the imagination.” Originally from Richmond, […]

Conversation not Confrontation

Dr. Schrader holds blue t-shirt with white text that reads "Conversation not Confrontation."

P erhaps you have seen the television commercial that features a middle-aged man wearing lederhosen who grew up thinking he was of Bavarian ancestry only to discover through that he needed to change into a kilt, because he was actually of Scottish descent. The point is that today – with advanced genetic testing and […]