Brenau University Alumni Association Board

2015 Brenau University Alumni Association Board

On Aug.1, the Brenau University Alumni Association Board held a retreat at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. President Marsha Stringer and Vice President Natalie Grasso led the board members in team-building exercises, goal-setting and long-term planning. Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Alecia Webb, BU ’07, Austin McCord, A ’07, Zoe Scheffrin, WC ’14, Brooke Bargeron Statham, WC ’00, Natalie Grasso, WC ’05, Jessi Barker Shrout, WC ’04, Rosanne Short, WC ’90, BU ’06, Tracy Chauncey Johnson, WC ’95, Marsha Stringer, WC ’96, BU ’03, BU ’05, and Michelle Kelley, BU ’06.

Marsha Stringer, WC, ’96, BU ’03, ’05

Brooke Bargeron Statham, WC ’00

Tracy Chauncey Johnson, WC ’95

Michelle Batts Kelly, BU ’01, ’06

VP, Board Development
Natalie Grasso, WC ’05

VP, Women’s College Alumnae Council
Jessi Barker Shrout, WC ’04

VP, University Alumni Council
Rosanne Chastain Short, WC ’90, BU ’06

VP, Academy Alumnae
Austin McCord, A ’07

Regional Programming Committee
Alecia Webb, BU ’07, ’09 and Erin McKown Worthington, WC ’05, Co-Chairs

Membership and Marketing Committee
Stefanie Diaz Sheehan, WC ’05, BU ’07, Chair

Student Relations Committee
Zoe Scheffrin, WC ’14, Chair

Young Alumni Committee
Alyson Shields, WC ’13, Chair

Scholarship and Awards Committee
Melissa Short Mayberry, WC ’08, Chair

Reunion Committee
Position Vacant

Fundraising Committee
Position Vacant

Interested in leading or joining a committee? Please contact Natalie Grasso at or call the Alumni Office at 770.534.6164. You can also learn more about the Brenau University Alumni Association at

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