A student uses the simulation lab.

Nursing simulation lab completed at Norcross campus

A student uses the simulation lab.Brenau University completed construction of a state-of-the-art nursing simulation laboratory on its campus in Norcross, Georgia, in February. Program officials say the lab offers future nurses the best possible preparation before they enter the field.

The simulation lab is utilized primarily by students in Brenau’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, a 16-month, full-time degree program offered on the North Atlanta campus in Norcross that teaches clinical knowledge and hands-on patient care skills necessary to start a career in nursing. The lab includes five patient rooms all mocked up to look exactly like hospital rooms, according to program coordinator Laura Hart.

The program features five high-fidelity human simulators: two adult, one pediatric, one newborn and one birthing simulator. Hart says these high-tech pieces of equipment can talk, bleed, cry, blink and give birth. The lab also has a number of mid-fidelity simulators when the instructors want to create a scenario that involves multiple adult patients.

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