In Memory: Fall 2019

Pansy “Pat” Fetzer Zachary, WC ’39, of Raleigh, North Carolina, died April 21.
Lois Snyder Kenyon, WC ’41, of Brevard, North Carolina, died April 4.
Laura Mershon Watson, WC ’42, of Arlington, Virginia, died Jan. 15.
Betty Haynes Waldrep, WC ’44, of Marietta, Georgia, died April 12.
Anne Seigler Fuller, WC ’45, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 13.
Mary Harper Belcher McFetridge, WC ’45, of Sugar Land, Texas, died April 9.
Hilda Kimsey Walker, WC ’46, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, died May 26.
Ann Nelson Hightower, WC ’47, of Decatur, Georgia, died Oct. 16, 2018.
Aurea “Nena” Ventin Cera, WC ’48, of Peachtree City, Georgia, died May 8.
Jean Kennedy Felts, WC ’48, of Memphis, Tennessee, died April 16.
Fredda Stowe Stone, WC ’48, of Waynesboro, Virginia, died June 18.
Beatrice Louis Hokayem, WC ’49, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 9.
Sarah Giddens Wahl, WC ’50, of Tampa, Florida, died April 6.
Eloise Ash, WC ’54, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Feb. 2.
Wylna Marshall Clinard, WC ’56, of Adairville, Kentucky, died April 10.
Alice Osborn Calhoun, WC ’59, of Umatilla, Florida, died May 25.
Sara Ann Isbell, WC ’61, of Gadsden, Alabama, died April 19.
Linda Lyon, A ’61, of Lafayette, Oregon, died May 23.
Nora “Nunie” Burtchaell, WC ’62, of Carl Junction, Missouri, died April 16.
Marsha Ann Hammond-White, WC ’65, of Cleveland, Georgia, died April 5.
Claire Owens Walters, WC ’66, of Houston, Texas, died May 2.
Susan McComb Palmer Bayless, WC ’68, of Marietta, Georgia, died March 25.
Jenna Christine Bisenius, WC ’75, of Blairsville, Georgia, died June 22.
Ronald David Corder, BU ’76, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Jan. 6.
Debra Carswell Roberts, WC ’79, of Knoxville, Tennessee, died May 18.
Cheryl Daniels, WC ’79, of Perry, Georgia, died July 2.
Kimberlee Auker-McVey, WC ’80, of Estero, Florida, died May 23.
Walter Ralph Newell, BU ’81, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Jan. 29.
Claude Porter, BU ’84, of Atlanta, Georgia, died May 15.
Dorothy Smith Howell, BU ’92, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, died March 25.
Mickey L. Cauthen, BU ’93, of Cumming, Georgia, died March 15.
Pamela Ann “Pam” Hill, BU ’93, of Carnesville, Georgia, died April 18.
Susan Bible Jessup, BU ’93, of Gainesville, Georgia, died Feb. 13.
Barbara Ann Blackwell Keys, WC ’93, of Dothan, Alabama, died March 31.
Michael Burke, BU ’95, of Athens, Georgia, died June 24.
George “Rich” Nuckolls Jr., BU ’95, of Marietta, Georgia, died May 23.
Anna Dorn, A ’96, of Blue Ridge, Georgia, died April 16.
Dr. A. Eli Dunagan, former professor, of Mount Airy, Georgia, died April 1.
Robert C. Bowen, former advisory board member, of Gainesville, Georgia, died April 10.
Mary Jeanette Jones Schact, former staff member, of Gainesville, Georgia, died June 8.

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