Soccer Scores

The amazing year in which four Golden Tigers teams ranked in the top 10 nationally, Brenau’s soccer team with a 13-5 record finished its fall campaign ranked No. 23 – the first time ever in national rankings. The Tigers were as high as No. 18 in the season, but lost twice to No. 1 Lee […]

FORE! Tee time for Golden Tigers

Although ample evidence exists that some form of the sport existed in China as early as the 10th century, it was not until 1878 that the first record golf tournament occurred: at Wimbledon, England, between Cambridge and the victorious Oxford. Ironically, that same year on the other side of a water hazard known as the […]

Brenau Scholars add extra element of excellence to Brenau’s reputation

A university’s reputation does not come from its classes, its campus or its faculty. A university’s reputation comes from its alumni. When a school’s graduates go on to do great things, both professionally and in the community, the school gains the reputation of an institution that develops young adults into exceptional leaders. This year, Brenau […]

Fountain Blew

In recent years, Brenau Women’s College students partook of the old tradition of celebrating impending nuptials of one of their classmates by tossing the young woman into the front lawn fountain on the historical Gainesville campus. Lately, however, they have had to look first, otherwise they could have treated the bride-to-be to a rather bumpy […]

Low-risk Investment

President’s Message, Winter 2012-13 By the time you read this, one of two scenarios will be playing out: either the United States will have “gone over the fiscal cliff” because government leaders could not agree on a compromise for addressing national budget deficits and soaring national debt; or, we will be learning how to live […]

Miss Brenau Contest Turns 75

“Miss Brenau,” in all of her well-groomed incarnations over the past 75 years, could illustrate a timeline of how women’s roles in society have changed, along with their hairstyles and hemlines.

She first bounded on to the campus lawn as an Olympian “goddess” and then became a “beauty queen” and a “pageant winner” before her current reign, in snappy business attire, over what is now termed a “scholarship competition.”

Turning Pro

Brenau plans to start doctorates in physical therapy and occupational therapy in the next two years. In the process it will invest $6.5 million to round out its collection of professionally oriented graduate health care programs. The lineup of clinical doctorates in nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy, coupled with other health-related master’s-level programs, also […]

Grand Plan

Detail of Brenau's new Steinway

A year ago on these pages we announced Brenau’s grand plan to raise $1.5 million to replace worn-out, unserviceable pianos on campus. Today we can say that the fundraising continues, but that the first piano, Number 481, a handmade Steinway & Son’s Model D Concert Grand, arrived on campus Dec. 4 and now resides in Pearce Auditorium. President Ed Schrader announced the instrument’s imminent arrival at a surprise ceremony during the fall trustees’ dinner when he revealed that it would be named for former Executive Vice President Wayne Dempsey, who retired at the end of 2012.

Passion Player

Mass communication major Katie Barth wants a career in philanthropic service Katie Barth got her first look at Brenau University’s campus before she even started school. “I’d been coming to ballets at Brenau’s Pearce Auditorium since I could walk,” said Barth, who is from Duluth, Ga. “My grandparents liked taking me to ‘The Nutcracker.’” But […]

The Communications Legacy

The Communications Legacy

The verb “to communicate” over the centuries evolved in its most dominant use to mean something a bit one-sided: to impart information. However, trace its roots to the original Latin and the meaning clearly is “to share,” which is more than a strong indication that communication is a two-way street. Certainly that etymology fits with […]