The $12,000 Man

When Jim Southerland first walked on the Brenau campus 44 years ago, he says “I thought I had slipped back in time.” The school and its old buildings and a campus surrounded by a hedgerow, it felt stuffy and a bit closed in. The late Paul Hemphill, the one-time writer-in-residence, later would refer to Brenau […]

The Second President Pearce

Lucile Townsend Pearce was not the typical Southern belle of the early 1900s. More at home on her horse than at a ball, she was demonstrably uncomfortable with the role society had created for women. Although she never held the top title as the university’s chief executive, she definitely shaped its evolution in the first […]

Mama Makes Up Her Mind

Mama was stubborn. “Set in her ways,” is what country folks call it and boy, was she. When she made up her mind, nothing stopped her, especially when she set her jaw and punctuated her declaration with a firm nod of her head. If she also threw that crooked forefinger in your direction, you knew […]

Twinkle in the Eyes

In 1936 the Gainesville Rotary Club asked local artist and Mark Trail comic strip illustrator Ed Dodd to do some pen and ink drawings of its members. Dodd complied, adding limericks. On the caricature of Hugh Hosch (pronounced like “shush”), owner of a textile mill that made denim clothing, he wrote: “Hugh Hosch had plenty […]

Brenau Alum Thomas Brown May Seek Congressional Seat

DeKalb County, Ga., Sheriff Thomas E. Brown announced July 17 that he has formed an exploratory committee for a possible campaign for U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. Brown, a 1990 Brenau University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in public administration, has been sheriff of the metro Atlanta county since […]

Mentoring: The Student-Alumni Connection

On May 4th and 5th, the Brenau alumni family welcomed new graduates into our fold. The class of 2013 is impressive. Each of these women and men exemplify the Brenau Ideal through their commitment to excellent education and dedication to the high standards of this institution. The majority of our Women’s College graduates are entering the workforce for the first […]

In Memory: Spring/Summer 2013

Margaret Swetnam Weldon, WC ’36, of Griffin, Ga., died Oct. 24. Martha Thigpen Lincoln, WC ’38, of Tallahassee, Fla., died June 17, 2012. Gladys Evans McCartney, WC ’39, of Flemingsburg, Ky., died on Jan. 28, 2012. Elizabeth Hatcher Ulery, WC ’40, of Atlanta died Oct. 5. Mary Pearl Thompson Marsh, WC ’41, of High Point, […]

The New Normal

New Normal Header Image, Spring/Summer 2013

This October marks the 31st anniversary of a significant milestone in the Brenau University demographic history. That is when institution officials reported that the enrollment in Brenau Women’s College was 824 students. However, the enrollment in what was then known as the “evening and weekend” program was 920 – the first time the latter number exceeded […]

Wow! I Did It!

Malak Kikhia poses for a picture in the lounge area of the Brenau University East Campus in Gainesville, Ga.

If you use little things – like a couple of kids– to stall your aspirations for a degree, think about Malak Kikhia. This extraordinary Brenau alumna did it with five of ’em. Malak Kikhia, EWC ’12, encountered a huge roadblock even before she set out on her six-year quest to get a Bachelor of Science […]

Damon Stancil Tees Up for First Season

Brenau University has named Damon Stancil the new Women's Golf Coach.

In Damon Stancil’s sport, you do not have to be the biggest or strongest or start playing shortly after you learn to walk. But the head coach of the newest Brenau Golden Tigers intercollegiate team does hope he can recruit half a dozen players who occasionally make dead-solid perfect shots. But the Brenau gold coach […]