Carolina Rucks AlSaedi, WC ’83

Carolina Rucks AlSaedi, WC ’83, retired on May 26 after 27 years in special education with Dekalb County Schools. AlSaedi is currently disabled from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, an incurable disease that gets little mention in the U.S. However, AlSaedi believes she has a good number of years left to enjoy. Her first cousin’s daughter, Amber Cannoy Brady, BU ’16, graduated in May from the Kings Bay campus – the third Brenau grad in the family. Sister Jill Antoinette Rucks Zaoui, WC ’89, received the senior art student award when she graduated. Amber received a business award. AlSaedi is toying with the idea of returning to school for the law degree she always wanted.

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